Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some more Designer Circle, Some more Hunting

Hello ladies, I still have only 49 followers (look in the right column) so I am still waiting till I get my 50th follower :)
In the meanwhile I will just show you some great offers by the Designer Circle. At the Designer Circle store a lot of great SL designers offer one or more of their offers for just 100 L$ or less! This cute little roses dress is the offer for this round by Mayden Couture. You can find it at the Designer Circle till October 27th.
And this great lipstick in black & white and the beautful lace eye jewery is by Headturners and also available at the Designer Circle.

if you love to wear lovely nails you can go for the nails Moondance is offering at the Designer Circle. You have the choice of Rockstar or Dull French manicure.
Over to something different: the Prettiest Informal Hunt. I will give you the HINT & LINK page and tell you taht it is very halpful if you get stuck in this hunt. You are looking for a lipstick at the participating stores and the hunt runs till October 30th. And if you find that lipstick at Pure Class you will get this lovely gold gown.
Another store which is participating in the Prettiest Informal hunt is OMG. They have hidden this lovely gown inside their lipstick of this hunt!
And this elegant gown is by Dani's and it is their hunt gift. You only need to find that lipstick ladies!
Over to a new release, this great outfit is a new release by Vero Modero. It is called Cigzi and the lovely hair is a new release by Tameles hair, called Nanette. I love the outfit, perfect for fall: lovely pants and a sexy top. And a warm boa for those colder evenings.
And here is the newest release by Tameless: Nanette hair. Ohhh I love the color change headband....and the hair too! NEW release, but as usual you can get a one tone/4 color pack for 199 L$ and a fatpack with all colors for 799 L$ this first week after the release! Just showing you a few exampleas ladies!

Now I am going to blog something you haven't seen much on my blog. I landed at the Slave Dressing room because they had an offer of lovely shoes (blogged before). And I found out they have a lot of group gifts at the store! Most are silks (just showing you a few, but there are much more. But the gifts reach from cute sexy dresses to bare feet (also tippy toes bare feet) and make up sets. Joining the group is 10 L$. And they have some lucky chairs too!
So what is keeping you here? Hop over and take a look!


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