Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Traveling light to Paris Metro

Let me start with a lovely new release by Paris Metro ladies. This beautiful dark blue gown is called Nana and it is a brandnew color. It is so elegant and moves like water...I feel beautiful in it. You can buy it a the Paris Metro Mainstore. (NOT free).
And this lovely gown is by Baboom and you can find it at the Designer Circle. The shoes are included. All offers are 100 L$ or less at the Designer Circle, so it is really worth it to take a look there ! The 39th round of this Designer Circle runs till October 23rd. Baboom not only has this great red gown there, they also have a lovely pants & top set (shoes are included). I am wearing the newest group gift by Bliss Couture with this outfit: a beautiful travel bag (comes in 2 colors).

Another participant in the Designer Circle is Gorgeous. They have put this great top & pants set at the Designer Circle and yes, that is the Bliss Couture group gift bag again! I love it.
This next very elegant white dress is by [[Masoom]] and this dress is called Lisa. You can find it at the Designer Circle ladies. I am ready for my road trip....
To wear with these lovely gowns and dresses you could decide to get the lovely jewelry at the Designer Circle by Vincenca Rosca. There are 2 sets you can buy, one contains a beautiful belly piercing, bracelets, anklets and rings. The other contains earrings and a necklace. Each set is just 99 L$ at the Designer Circle. The jewelry comes with a hud and you can change the metal and the gems to your liking. I had fun playing around with the hud as you can see !

Pink Cherry also has some jewelry at the Designer Circle ladies. How about these elegant earrings? They are just 60 L$ per color! And the great earrings with the pink cherries are just 50 L$.

Pink Cherry also has some great outfits at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ each. Awesome buttoned vests in white or black and they come with very sexy pants.

Over to Hucci. They send out this great outfit in their subscribo group. I styled this (mesh) outfit with african jewelry by Amarela Mango. Not sure if it is still for sale though.
Hinako Hair has some great offers at The Gallery Gift Shop. They are not free, but they are under 100 L$. You can get the lovely hair or the elegant MESH top for that price.
Over to some hunting. As you know I was doing the Prettiest Informal Hunt. And yes I found some goodies that are atoo good to miss. But let me give you the HINT & LINK page first! And then I will give you the landmark to Les Sucreries de Fairy as I found this great gown there, hidden inside the lipstick (which is the hunt item in this hunt). Go find it ladies and the gown is yours!
Then I hopped over to EDB Design and they have this great Victorian Opera gown hidden insid etheir lipstick from the TPIF hunt.
Another beautiful gown is the one by Evolve. This gown has a very wide sskirt and it comes in a beautiful gold shade. And all you have to do to wear this gown is find the lipstick at the Evolve store.
Next gown is the hunt gift by Shey. The gown has an elegant lace structure and it almost feels like a cloud to wear! The great shoes are included. And it is yours if you can locate the lipstick at their store.
To wear with these elegant gowns I also got some shoes in the Prettiest Informal hunt. These ones are hidden inside the lipstick at Lindy shoes.
And these shoes are by Viviane Fashion. A great gift in this hunt, I love them. Just find that lipstick ladies and you will feel so elegant.


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