Tuesday, February 8, 2011

YAY SKINS and more FABFREE and ermmm...well have a look :)

WOW Heartsick has TWO (yes you read it correct) lucky chairs in their shop and you get the most fabulous skins if you are so lucky and your letter comes up. And I was VERY lucky and got both. With help of the shop owner and designer Amesha Jewell :)

The heartsick skins come with and without cleavage. I love the heart lips :)

I also promised you more FABFREE yesterday so here goes:

OOease gives these very cute tops and shoes and dress at FABFREE.


Elate, also a GREAT design, gives away these lovely dresses.

My Precious always has the GREATEST free gifts in store but this one is at Fabfree.

Jazmyn D...wow what a lovely gift. I remember my newbie days and we really couldn't find freebies like this!

Baiastice put this very elegant and sexy dress on the wall at Fabfree.

And !E gives away this cute and sexy dress.

AMeth chose this lovely make up for a gift to us all. I really want to thank all generous designers who give away such lovely gifts to us all. THANK YOU !!!

Butterfly Effect has this lovely dress on the wall but also a store card to spend at their shop ! YAY !
The last one from FABFREE is by SHIK and it is a lovely black jeans with a warm sweater and a scarf...LOVE it.

All items at FABFREE ladies. And all free.

OK a few more goodies because I can't resist to show them to you.
H.E.D. has a cute valentine hunt at their store. You have to find 5 red hearts (not hard to spot) and you get a lovely dress, a red top and a top with hearts on it and a necklace and earrings.

Vogue has this lovely dress as a freebie in their store.

And CHIC couture has these lovely dresses as a gift in their Lucky Chair. They also had a store card in the MM board, but it didn't close when I clicked it.

That was it for today ladies. Hope to see you tomorrow and I wish you HAPPY SHOPPING !

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