Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Icon Birthday hunt, Moody, romantic shopping, Bubblez and Quality design.

Icon has it's Birthday hunt on going till february 21st so you have to be fast to get all those goodies the shop owners are giving away! You are looking for a very small red box, not quite so easy to find ! Most are free.
This is what I found:
I was clicking along and getting loads of freebies but at Morea Style I had to pay 20 L$ and 11 L$ for the gifts ....they are worth it though :) One is the dress the other is the clutch and the bracelet.

Then I went over to the lingeree is AMAZING. And free.

Exodi is next to Blacklace and they have these color change bracelets in store as a gift. I am wearing them with the dress I got from MEB. The necklace is an older gift by GANKED.

Tuli is giving away lovely don't they look great? I love the make up on them.

Then Aqua has this sexy dress to go with the lovely skins and the gift also includes an outfit for the guys :)

B&G gives away these lglasses, one to wear if you are reading, one to wear in the sun.

Last gift I got from the hunt is by SELDOM BLUE. It is a lovely evening dress in a purple shade. Isn't it elegant? On the 2nd floor they have another purple gown which you also can wear as sexy underwear. WOW.
The lovely necklace is Something Old by Ganked, still available in the store (older gift)

Then I went to a few shops who didn't participate in the hunt but still are on the SIM. First is Snatch, they have these lovely capris with shirt and bangles in store.

The other shop is Anyu and they have this sexy bikini in store, with a lovely top.

I went over to Moody, thinking they only have shoes. How wrong can one be? They have these lovely skins in store as a dollarbie.

The Romantic shopping sim has 2 give-away-boards on their sim. Besides that, there is a purple box on the floor with a gift from A&A. YAY HAIR!
The lovely beach outfit comes with shoes and bag.
Other shoes are by Babymonkey.

Bubblez has a lovely Valentine gift for their group members, see below. I love the soft hearts on the dress :)

Last one to blog today is Quality design. They have a big box with freebies in their store. It costs you 1 L$.

Thank you all generous desigers.
And Happy shopping ladies :)

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