Monday, February 14, 2011

Fab Free gifts and ADN

I already told you about the FabFree group. It is one of the largest groups in SL and is one of the best. They have a store where all designers can put up free gifts and it is really worth to join (free). You can join at the store.
This week te designers were very generous and gave away a lot of gifts for Valentine to the group members.
This lovely bridesmaid dress with jewelry, a clutch AND shoes is by Meghindo.
The next gift is a lovely Valentine ring by Alexxesoires.

And then we all got these cute shoes by DbT.

LNL gives away these pants and the tiger top :)

House of Joi has this lovely dressy as a Valentine gift in the FabFree group.
Check notices.

Then I was at ADN design. They have plenty lucky chairs and 2 questionmark boards. And a lot of MM boards, and below is shown what I got there. I have blogged them before, but the store moved and they refresh their Lucky chairs often.


Happy shopping ladies !

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