Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't you love PSP games?

If you are wondering why I am asking if love PSP games...just read on :)
Today I am starting with La Vie en Rose, there are several shops there. One has 3 lucky boards and this is what I got there. The cute capri jeans, the long skirt are from the Lucky boards. So is the make up bag.
The make up brush and lipstick with poses and the PSP with poses are freebies in the is the Ice cream :)
The lovely scarf is by Zeery (hunt gift)



In the corner is another shop and they also have 3 lucky boards with skins. This is what I got:

Talking about skins: I got these cute skins at Curious Kitty...andf they also have this cute hair in their store as a freebie.

Make up to wear with these skins on Valentines day is a gift on the MM board at Eelegant Epiffany.

And cute hair to go with the skins is an opening gift at MACH. On the pics you also see the leovely jewelry which is a gift at Paris Metro. Necklace and earrings :)

Bliss has this very elegant scarf for group members in store :) YAY.

Urban Girl is closing but they still have these cute shoes as a group gift and a cute dress too. Besides everything is marked down at their store so worth to go shoppping there ladies.

Sassy Kitty also has very nice gifts in store. They are hunt items and the first one can be found HERE.

Grumble also has a hunt item in store (look for the purple champagne glass on the floor). But they also have lucky chairs on the 2nd floor with shoes inside them and tops and pants. And they have some more lucky boards and MM boards on the groundfloor, I got a few shop cards from them :)

These shoes are NOT FREE, they are new releases by BabyMonkey, but they are so cute, I couldn't resist to show you them :)


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