Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sooo much to chose from

So lets start fast...there are so many lovely dresses, shoes and skins around in SL, and I can't resist I jusr roam around and will show you what I found this time :)
Let me know if you like it.

First shop is Trico. It is a shame they are cosing and this is their last group gift. Lovely hair.

The next shop...Chat'Neige. They have 2 lovely dollarbies in the store. A sexy red dress and cute retro pants in a lace texture. Love them both and both worth the 1 L$ I paid for them.

Then I went to RagDolls, always good things on their MM boards. This time there were 2 western outfits. Annie get your gun :)

Vita Bella Vintage has a sexy green gown in their subscribo. Heads will turn ladies when you are wearing this sexy gown.

Rusty Nail also gives you a very sexy dress, not a gown though. Ans a cute top in black. Both free.

Then I went to WHATEVER and they have 2 very cute dresses, sexy lingeree and a black skirt and Tee with a text on it...try if you can read it :)
I got one item from the lucky toilet on the 1st floor, and in the toilet is a lollipop from a hunt.

Elimode also has very sexy undies as a gift in their store. The short top is part of a set and the set parts are all in their lucky chair. I just got the top so I can't show you the complete set.

That was it for the clothes, so over to the SKIN part. Daring has this GREAT skin as a group gift, and they have a lucky chair in the store where I got the other skins (with and without cleavage). There is also a free gift bag in the store which contains eyes.

For those who lack a sexy walk: I found a male and a female free one at the Elemental shopping center (also gifts on the board at the landing point for new arrivers, like an avatar).

Last thing to blog are SHOES !!! YES SHOES !!!
Malfean Vision has a questionmark board where I got all the lovely sexy booties shown below. The gold ones are from their MM board.

The at Yogi there are 4 lucky boards...and I got these cuties there.

If you were wondering where I got the lovely sparkling shoes I am wearing with the clothes above: they are by Jadelina Leakey. And they are GREAT, but not free. If you want to take a look at them you can find them HERE. They come in a lot of colors, I am not showing you all...but remember NOT FREE.

Happy shopping ladies

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