Friday, February 4, 2011

Lets start with hair and see where we end?

So hair first today ladies and I got this funny hair from Arata Shouten as a group gift. I feel like Mickey Mouse :) But it is fun to wear either with or without forelock. Join group and check messages.

 I love green, lawngreen, spring green, John Deere green, moss, emerald, all kinds of green. So here come the green dresses I found today:
The first one is a MM board gift from Aussie Duchess and they also have a purple freebie in the store on the floor. The green gown comes with jewelry and hairpiece and shoes (sandals)

The next green dress is by 1MM as an opening gift, and I also got a freebie in the store.
The cute jewelry is by GANKED and it is free on their Marketplace site (comes with earrings and a mouth clover).
Can't make out who is on the dress. I thought it was George Harrison but if you feel you know who it is let me know?

Divalicious also has a few green dresses, they come however in a pack so you can go for the other colors if you do not like green *giggles*. Divalicious has a MM board and a lucky chair.

I found another kinda green dress at Essences. It is a lovely dress, don't you think? Join group, it is a group gift. The detailing is great. And the jewelry is by Finesmith (for landmark see below)

OK enough with the green Lets go over to another shop, Graffitti wear. They have a lucky dip where I got the jeans outfit. The black dressy is from their MM board, so is the warm sweater and jeans which actually is for guys...
The necklace was a hunt item at Finesmith (no longer available but their jewelry is great)
The shoes I am wearing are as usual by BabyMonkey.



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