Thursday, February 10, 2011

Don't we LOVE Marketplace?

Today I am taking the easy way out and I am going to show you all stuff I found on Marketstreet.

First I am starting with lingeree as it is almost Valentines day and I am sure you want to surprise your loved one with some spicy stuff.
 This very sexy white lace lingeree set was found HERE. It is by Darling +Ed and costs you 1L$.

 This red Valentine (or Christmas) set was found HERE and it is by CGirl.

 Jaqueline has these two great lingeree sets on Marketplace. The teal one HERE, the GREEN one HERE.
You can find this free sexy lingeree here. It is by CGril too.

Over to the dresses and gowns. I found this lovely long white gown HERE, it is by House of Gaga and it will cost you 1 L$.

I found some really nice jewelry to go with this dress. It is by Luthien Unsung and you can find the PEARLS with diamond heart necklace HERE.
The cute diamond haert earrings HERE.
The longer chain with the diamond heart HERE.
An the other diamond open earrings HERE.

XTC also has a white dress on Marketplace. It is also a dollarbie (1 L$) and you can find it HERE.

I also found jewelry to go with THIS dress, a lovely long necklace set, comes with rings. You can find it HERE. It is by Adel Mistwood.

The next dress is actually a top and skirt and it is by ESW. It is called Funny dress. It is kinda funny don't you think?

The next 2 dresses are in teal and the first one is by AT design. It is a dollarbie (1 L$) and you can find it HERE.

The other teal dress is by P&A. You can find it HERE.

While I was shopping at Jaquelines place I also found this very cute pink dress. It will set you back 1 L$ though.

In Jaquelines store was another dollarbie, this cute purple dress. I love it :)

This western girl outfit I found too on Marketplace. It is by Moonlight dreams creations and you feel soooo much a cowgirl wearing it :)

You could wear the following sneakers with the outfits...though I am not sure if they would go with all the dresses. They are DARKSTAR hightops and the star is color change. You can find them HERE.

Or you could wear these LOVELY valentine sneakers. They are by Viviane and they will cost you 1 L$.

The other shoes I am wearing are as usual by BabyMonkey.
That was it for today ladies.


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