Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines day is on monday.....

It is almost Valentines day and I found quite a lot of Valentines freebies. First I did the hunt at Gfield. You are looking for a teddy carrying a pink heart and they are quite easy to find.

You get 2 bags HERE and HERE and 2 dresses HERE and HERE and jewelry HERE and HERE.
The black bag is from Arata Shoutens lucky chairs (3rd floor), I also got this lovely skin there:


Then Gizza gives away this very cute group gift for Valentines day. The hair is in the package too.

JeSyLiLO has a skin with kisses all over it as a gift and also a cute jeans and top gift.

Skins are a popular gift at Valentines day, the next ones are by AMD and also free.

The next skins are also a gift and they are by Aleida. Aleida also has an opening gift in the store, a cute sweater.

Bubble has this sexy lingeree in store and also these very cute romantic shoes :) They are all hunt items, look at the entrance what you are looking for.

Just a few more goodies for today.... Dimbula Rose has this very lovely babydoll dress as a gift in store. Isn't it sexy?

Puddle jumpers has a cute gift in store too, look for the small heart shaped box.

Urban Katzzz has a sexy dressy too, it is a free gift.

And the last one for today is by G&N and it is a very ladylike dress...with shoes and hat. WOW I feel elegant now. Look for the large V.

Happy shopping ladies.

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