Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dresses in red and teal and white and brown and green and pink. And hair and skins too.

Someone said to me yesterday: you must be in a very sad mood because your blog is showing all black clothes. So today I made sure there is some COLOR on the blog :)
I am going to start with the very unusual hair I got at Ray Skin. They have plenty new lucky boards and the letters change fast, so it is worth to go there. This is the hair I got. On the lucky boards are also clothes and as you can see I got one outfit too (comes with the hair).

The next lovely skins are the ones I got from Heartsick. WOW I love her skins, they are sooo natural and so alive. AND she makes them with freckles which is a HUGHE plus for me :) These were a group gift. (check notices) The skins are with large medium and no cleavage.

More skins are from G&N. They have a darker make up than the heartsick ones, but also very elegant. It is a Valentines gift in store.

These lovely eyes are a free girft at HUDSONS. Look for the red bows on the vendors ladies. And don't forget their lucky boards.

More HAIR is from ChiChikie, the monthly group gift. WOW it is so lovely with the color change roses....

OK over to the DRESSES. I will start with the GREAT pink group gift by BLISS. Don't forget to wear your group tag ladies.

The other pink dress  I got is from T*T. it is on their lucky boards.

Then I got a few RED dresses, the first ones are by Ragdolls from their MM boards. The short dress comes with a very pale skin.

Zenith also has a LOVELY red dressy, very sexy and they have 2 Lucky boards too.

Then Ruru has a Cupid Heart hunt gift, a brown dolly dress, which comes with hair bow and a key on the back, and a necklace as a freebie.

TG also has a cute Valentine dressy for free in their store.

Kyoot has a short sexy red dress in their store. It is a gourp gift, joining is free.

Ribbon has this sexy grey dressy for all of us ladies and the cute heart thingies on my head (no clue what they are called) are a gift by Grumble. The Tattoo kisses are a The Lost gift in the FabFree group.

Lika House has these 2 GREAT kinda Chinese dresses in their store. They are group gifts, joining is free. The lovely shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free).

NN has this cute dress in store as a gift.
Also a few lucky chairs :)

This great dressy is free in the O'Sharei shop. YAY I love it.

Last one for today a BLACK dress...yes I couldn't resist. It is a lovely gift by Pink Mares. It comes with the book and with the necklace in your mouth.

Happy shopping ladies.

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