Monday, February 7, 2011

Hair ans skins and shoes and clothes and FABFREE !

Ladies FabFree has a new the shop is so big now. And gifts of the designers are FABULOUS ! Thank you all, they were all so generous.
Look below what I got at the FABFREE headquaters.

First the GREAT skins by Heartsick. They give away special skins ONLY for FabFree. The skins are GREAT. Come with and without cleavage and with and without freckles.

Yesterday I saw red...and YAY Fabfree has some red gifts too :)
This lovely lingeree for example. It is by Baby Dolls.

I also got this GREAT sexy dress from FabFree, it is by Prim & Pixel. The jewelry is by Alienbear, not free and not at FabFree.

And loads of shoes, I blogged the Leia shoes by Babymonkey (free) before. These are from She is so unusual, both available at FabFree headquaters.

Teen Turf Imports gives away this lovely outfit at FabFree. There are many more freebies ladies, I am just blogging a few, more tomorrow.

LAQ is not my favorite shop. Their skins are great but I had a personal issue with their support. I do not like to blog them and I would not recommend anyone to buy a skin there. But they have a few nice freebies. And I do love hair :) The dress with shoes is also free.

Talking about hair: This cute hair is a group gift by Diva :) Joining is free. They also have a few lucky boards in store. The hair comes in many colors and you can change the color of the scarf and the way you wear it (with or without chain)

Vitamin girl has this nice black dress as a gift on their Lucky Board. And we all know ladies: you can't have enough little black dresses. The cute red shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free, but affordable and color change red/black).

Nightshade design also has a lucky board and what you get there if you are patient enough and lucky enough is tis lovely very berry dress.

The MM board at Sassy Kitty gives you this very sexy knitted dressy and the boots are on the board next to it. LOVE it.
The cute black top I wear when I blog skins is also by Sassy Kitty. THey also have 3 lucky chairs in the shop.

JayGee has this diamond dress in store as a freebie. THank is GREAT.

And Just B has a lovely 1L$ group gift. Joining is free.

Last one is a color change cupcake necklace from the lucky chairs at Burroughs :)

Happy shopping ladies !

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