Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Oh boy it is very hard to think of a new titel for the blog every day. Sometimes it just comes to you but today I am MIX has to do.
And what did I mix?
First of all the very cute group gifts by BabyMonkey. In their group notices you can find these GREAT boots and the jacket. Pixieplumb is a very generous designer and she gives away quite a lot to group members. A while ago she gave a matching bag with the boots, I have blogged it before.

The jeans and top I am wearing are older hunt gifts, but the scarf is by Zeery and it is a Love SL Fashion hunt item (look for the heart). The hair is a group gift by ChiChikie (join group, check notices).

The SGB sim has its 3rd birthday and the shop owners celebrate with lots of stalls on their sim and most of them have free gifts on them. Look beow :)

These heart eyes can be found HERE.

This dress can be found HERE and the jewelry I found HERE.

The jacket is free for guys and gals and you find it HERE.

These cute funny Tees can be found HERE.

The VEST can be found HERE and the pants I found HERE.

There are many more freebies like these cute poses. I found them HERE including the cardboard box.
OK over to the next shop. Concrete Flowers has a GREAT hunt item in store.
There are tops inside and lovely peants but also balloons...YAY I can FLY !!! (the balloons take you in the air, though not too high)
Look for a RED heart, it is from the MDV hunt.

Seldom blue has many freebies in their store and lucky chairs too. But this lovely gown is from Marketplace. The jewelry is an older gift by GANKED.

Peqe has joined together with other groups and you can find their free group gifts here. 2 lovely tops :)

Inspired has this lovely dress on their MM board.

And these lovely hairdos in all colors (not showing all) are a gift by PLUME hair.

I saved the best 2 things for last. These very cute 2-toned I LOVE them...are a gift by R2.

And my favorite make-up designers, Elegant Epiffany, give away this lovely make up on their MM board.

That's it ladies.

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