Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What can I say?

Saschas design, one of my fav shops, has a new lucky chair. The letters change every 10 minutes and there are loads of goodies in the chair. The TOP item in the chair is this lovely Gracious gown, it is a new release but with a bit of patience you can get it for free :)

Actually that is the only gown I got today...but I got loads of outfits, so keep reading girls.
This cute outfit is by Liriope. They have a few group gifts AND a lot of lucky boards on the first and second floor. I feel like a little dolly :) Joining the group is free.

Grumble is very good to its group members the last week. In their MM boards are store cards up to 1000 L$ and lots of other goodies, shown below. Some are from their lucky chairs.
A fatpack of shoes is among the gifts from the MM board. The pants set with the cute bear AND the tail is a Valentine gift.


RaySkin has new items in their lucky boards (told you yesterday) and I couldn't restist to get a few...

Same with AdN...their lucky boards have so many items in them that I went back and got MOOOORREEE....I got the Fatality outfit and the Seduction in pink 

This very cute black or white hair will go GREAT with the AdN outfits :) It is mature land, so you have to be age verified. It is on the MM board at the Black Heaven dreams shops.

I got some more lovely hair at Exile, both are subscribo gifts, join and check the subscribo board. One is New Years hair, the other is Valentine hair.
The necklace is from a lucky board at MyUglyDorothy.

I also got a lovely skin at Al Vulo. It is a group gift, so join the group for free. The skin is called No Valentine skin, and with the teary face I can't figure out if I am crying because I didn't get a Valentine card or that I just hate Valentine?

Then Glamorize has a LC too and I got lipsticks YEAHHH !!! Take your time to look around their new shop, their stuff is great and not expensive at all.

Next are a few dresses from different shops. I will put the LM to the shop above the pics.
First is by Morea, a lovely Valentine gift.

I also went to SALT and they have these lovely group gifts for us. The Umbrella is a group gift too and changable.

Next is a cute and sexy dress by TG. You can find it in a box on the 2nd floor.

Glamour has this silver dress with the open back.

The last 2 dresses for today are by the Vinyl Cafe and you can find the lace one HERE and the sarong one HERE. They both are group gifts ladies.

That was it for today. Happy shopping ladies !

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