Saturday, February 5, 2011

No shoes today

I heard the song No milk today from the 60th I think on the radio while looking at the folder with the things I wanted to blog today...and all of a sudden I was singing No shoes today :)
But loads of free clothes this time and that is fine too :)

The first to blog is the very cute Valentines dressy at YOME. Oh I love find it on their Lucky Board.

Sascha Frangilli is a very generous designer with lots of presents for her customers, like a free dress or gown each month. This one is free on her MM board at her store Saschas design.

Next is Baiastice, this is their monthly group gown (join group and check messages). Isn't this a gorgious dress?

For sexy dresses go to the Vinyl Cafe ladies in each of their 3 stores is a group gift and they are ALL very sexy.
Landmarks under the dresses. (Necklace is an older freebie)
This is the LM for this dress.
THIS is the LM to this dress.

This is the LM to this dress.

Sweeter than Candy has also a sexy dress as a 15.000 member group gift for all. CONGRATULATIONS STC ! I love the 2 different shrugs that come with the dress :) STC also has a sweater for guys as a gift, ok I am wearing it again, can't resist to try the guys stuff too.

The next items are from MM boards. First one is a lovely gown by Grim Bros.

The next one is a beautifull kimono by Fallen Angel, also from the MM board.

At Toastyville you get this lovely outfit for Lunna's rezday. The cupcake is a freebie, for the dress you pay the Panda 2 L$ (so it is not free, but it comes with the SKIN !)

SMS (So many styles) has a very elegant blouse as a group gift in their store. It is great to wear with jeans but also elegant enough to wear with a sexy skirt.

Lats one for today: WISHBOX has a very nice dress ont heir lucky chair and also a MM board, don;t forget to click it ladies :)'

That was it for today ladies.

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