Sunday, February 6, 2011

I see RED

It is really strange but today I got mainly RED stuff. Not all though, like this very cute shirt and skirt by BUKA.
I got it from their lucky chairs and the shirt is color change (not the sweater) and you can chose to wear your collar up or down. The skirt is a sexy denim one :)
Then I went to FB to find the Valentine Diva hunt item. You have to look for a pink heart. But then you get this LOVELY dress. Hint: look up.
I got this LOVELY red dress at Wishbox. I blogged it yesterday at the end of the day (and the end of the blog, as I got it while I was closing the blog) but it is really worth to take a look at, so I made pics of it again. LOVE this dress. There is a MM board in the shop too, don't forget to click it.

The necklace I am wearing with the FB dress is a freebie on Marketstreet by Alienbear. It is the China National day item. I love Alienbear jewelry. Too bad I can't afford more :)

The next red thing I found at Movin Lingeree...WOW perfect to seduce your lover at Valentines day don't you think?? It is a group gift, joining is free.

The cute red shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free but very affordable).

Razorblade is participating in the Dark Katz hunt (look for the dark katz head) and gives away a red heart jacket. The cute red eyeshadow is an older MM board gift from Elegant Epiffany.

Ribbons also has a red dress on their Lucky board. They also have an opening gift in their new store (the skirt). The opening gift will set you back 1 L$, it is not free. The red pearl necklace is from Shiny Things, an old freebie at the Gnubie store.

On the LB at LoveSoul I got this very berry shirt (it is covered with strawberries). The skirt is a very old hunt gift, no longer available, sorry.

ZEST gives you this choclate candy bar....hmmm who doesn't love chocolate??? The hearts come from the candy bar :) And the cute top is a freebie at Willows.

These 2 lovely dresses are by HUDSONS. You can find both at their store as a group gift. They are perfect to wear on Valentines day, very romantic don't you think??? I love the color :) (shoes come with the lower dress)

The jewelry by Beertje Beaumont goes very well with the romantic dresses:) even though it is not red. It is from her MM board.

The hairdo I got from the LB at A&A also goes perfectly with the romatic dresses. It is not in red but it has very cute flowers in it.

OK last one for today: MiMi's. They have a wall with freebies and dollarbies but also a few extra offers in the store, like the V-dress (which is 1 L$) . And a MM board where I got the red sexy outfit :)
The sexy MM dress comes with the shoes.
The necklace is an older huntitem by Finesmith.



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