Monday, December 29, 2014

SHOES shoes shoes and nails and 2 great outfits

Hi there readers!
Today on my blog things I love a! And nails. Some are bargains from the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till JANUARY 3rd, so don't wait too long to get those great offers! Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$. Some are from the Peace on Earth hunt and this hunt runs till JANUARY 6th, there are #117 stores to visit, and you are looking for a blue globe with a white dove on it. All gifts in this hunt are free. There is a LINK page available (no hints) which is helpful if you get stuck.
But let me start with FREE stuff....this great warm sweater is a gift on Marketplace by Destroyer. The fun jeans are free by Blackburns on Marketplace and you get a blue and a black pair. The cute boots are also free and they are by ChicChica and just fun to wear!
The lovely skin I am wearing today is Lulu Golden by WoW skins and you can find this skin at the Designer Circle in 5 skin tones, for just 99 L$ per skin tone. Appliers are available at the WoW skins mainstore.
The lovely hair is Zaida by Tameless hair. This hair comes with a colour change hud which changes the colour into 30 different tones. There are 3 packs available: naturals, fantasy and fades. Each pack of 30 colours is 249 L$.
And now over to the Designer Circle. I found quite a lot of shoe offers there and I am just a shoe fanatic, so it was heaven for me!! Let me start with a lovely outfit for winter which includes awesome shoes. This Vivi coat is on offer at the Designer Circle by StormCrow Designs and the great shoes are, like I said, included. They are for SLINK HIGH feet. The coat comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour of this coat into 6 lovely colours. I am not showing you all colours, sorry...and the price? Just 100 L$ for this awesome set!
But there is more! These great shoes are by SKY and you can find them at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ per pair. The shoes are called Angelina and you can chose from a red version or a khaki version.
I just LOVE high heels. Especially because here, in Second Life, you can walk around on these heels all day without your feet hurting. So I just fell for the awesome killer heels by HollyHood, which you can find at the Designer Circle. They are called LoLisa and there are 3 colours to chose from. I love the laces at the back! The shoes are for SLINK HIGH feet and they are 99 L$ per pair.
The next boots don't have laces but zippers. They are on offer at the Designer Circle by VG Shoes and they are called Milano. They come in packs of 3 shades and you can chose the reds version, the greyscale version or the browns version for just 99 L$ per pack.
VG Shoes has another offer at the Designer Circle, awesome sandals called Rio. They come in 3 colours and they are for SLINK HIGH feet. Each pair is 100 L$. I just love the ankle straps and the zipper detail on the shoes.
There is still more...Nya's Shop also has great shoes on offer at the Designer Circle. These elegant classic shoes come in 10 colours and they are for SLINK MID feet. These lovely shoes are just 75 L$ per pair.
Over to the Peace on Earth hunt. I landed at #16 ZoZ Nails and I found that hunt globe at their store. Inside is a lovely pair of Christmas nails for SLINK Hands or the SLINK Nail enhancer and a beautiful necklace which goes great with the nails. You only have to find that hunt globe to get this gift too!
Then I went to #56 Luna Body Art. Ohh I just love nails, a girl can never have enough nails can she? Well if you can find this hunt globe at their store Luna Body art gives you this awesome set of nails for SLINK Hands and feet.
Another nail gift is hidden inside the hunt globe at #19 Digit Nails. This lovely set in blues and purples comes with a beautiful ring. Love it? Go hunting!!
My last stop was at #47 DeLuxe Body. They have hidden another great set of nails inside their hunt globe. But that is not al! You also get a lovely skin and shape if you can find that hunt globe at their store!