Saturday, December 20, 2014

It is not ALL about the Advent Calendars...

Hi there Readers!
Just 5 days till Christmas and there are so many Advent Calendars to vitis with great gifts! So today on my blog a few of those calendar gifts. The calendars I follow are all free and usually you do not need to be in a group. I will let you know if a group is needed and how much it is to join.
So let me start with the gifts from the Advent Calendar at Cero Style. You get a new gift each day, no group needed and the gifts are free. Previous gifts are not available.
Below you can see the gift from day #18 and day #19 and day #20. The outfits you get each day are awesome!
The lovely skin is Monica golden tone, make up version #4 by WoW skins, which is a new release so NOT free. HOWEVER: Joining the WoW skins group is just 50 L$ till Monday. You will get a new skin gift each month and a box with 30 previous group gifts are right next to the group joiner at the store.
The elegant hair is Zaida by Tameless, 249 L$ for a fat pack with colour change hud and 30 hair tones.
Then I went to Alice Project and they have new hair for you each day. Each day a pack of 5 colours, with lovely Christmas bling included. No group needed, gifts are free, but previous gifts are no longer available.
Below you will see the gifts from day #19 and day #20.
The same goes for Alli & Ali hair. There is no group needed, the gifts are free, but no previous gifts are available. You get 2 hair do's each day, one for men and one for women.
Below you can see the gifts for day #17 day #18, day #19 and day #20. All the hair comes in white.
And the gift behind door #17 from the KittyCatz Advent calendar is this fun Santa hat by Shai. No group needed, previous gifts are still available (you get the gifts only ONCE, so don't disguard them!)
My last finds are not from the advent calendars. Finesmith has a lovely new group gift called Morning Star. You will need to be in their group to get this gift but joining is free.
And my last find is from the Peace on Earth hunt. You are looking for a blue globe (earth) with a white dove on it and if you can locate that globe at #69 ROA Fashion you will be rewarded with this lovely sexy red dress with a beautiful golden butterfly detail.