Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Just a short blog

Dear Readers,
Due to circumstances in my real life, there will be just a short blog today.
Today I am going to show you my last offers from the Designer Circle. And some offers from the Frozen Fair and from the Make Over Room.
But let me start with the Designer Circle. These lovely jump suits with sequin embellishment are on offer at the Designer Circle by Mu-Shi Doll. There are 3 colours to chose from and each one is 99 L$.
The elegant shoes are by Hollyhood and they are also on offer at the Designer Circle. They come in 3 colours and each pair is 100 L$. You will need SLINK HIGH feet to wear them.
Don't forget that this round runs till December 6th!!!
The lovely skin I am wearing today is by WoW skins and it is their newest release Tilda Darktan make up version #4. NOT free but a great skin to wear!
Then I got these awesome shoes for SLINK MID feet as a new group gift by Siria's Designs.
And these cute sneakers are from the Questionmark board at Viviane Fashion. (free).
WoW skins is participating in 2 special events: The Frozen Fair which started December 1st and which ends on December 15th. At this fair WoW skins is offering a set of beautiful eye lashes and a set of elegant eye make up for just 99 L$. You can find all info about the Frozen Fair here.
The skin is Tilda darktan, make up Natural, by WoW skins. Remember I am wearing EXTRA freckles layers, they are NOT build in the skin.
WoW skins is also participating in the Make Over Room. Ginerva in 4 skin tones is a special edition for this room. Each skin is just 99 L$ and they are just gorgeous!