Sunday, December 14, 2014

12 days till Christmas

Morning Readers.
OK it is not quite 12 days till Christmas anymore, but close enough. So today a lot of Advent Calendar gifts on my blog :)
And great shoes from the Designer Circle too.
So what more do you want: excellent shoes, a lot of free gifts and just a few days till Christmas!!

But let me start with thanking you ALL my readers, for voting for me as best blogger on the Avi Choice Awards 2014. I ended in the top 5, which is really great!! Thank you all so much!

Now over to the the gifts I found in the advent calendars I follow.
First I went to Cero style and for this calendar you do not need a group and the gifts are free. This lovely dress is the gift on day #13. Previous gifts are still available.
And Isis Boutique has this lovely white dress as a gift on day #13. All gifts of the advent calendars are free and no group needed, unless I state otherwise. Previous gifts are still available.
Then for the advent calendar at Virtual Impressions you do need a group but the group is free to join. And you get lovely jewellery each day! The gifts are free and previous gifts are available too. Below you see the gifts from day #12 and day #13.
Over to the KittyCatz advent calendar which you can find at several stores. A lot of great SL designers have put lovely gifts inside this calendar and the gifts are free. Previous gifts are still available.
Below you see the gift from day #13 Emotions hair, and day #14 Earthstones bracelets and lovely boots from LeeZu.
Talking about hair: there are 2 great advent calendars where you can get hair. One is by Alice Project. They have a new gift each day and the previous gifts are I will show you the gift from day #13 but you will get the gift of day #14...No group needed and you get 5 hair tones with glitter decoration each day.
Another advent calendar with hair is the one by Ali & Alli hair. They give you a male and a female hair style in snow white each day. The previous gifts are gone. Below are the gifts from day #13.
Then I went to the Designer Circle and I took a look at the lovely shoes and clutches by VG Shoes. They have a lot of great shoes on offer at the Designer Circle.
The cute Rose boots in blue and green come with a matching clutch and each set of boots and clutch is just 99 L$.
And these awesome Toledo shoes are for SLINK MID feet and you can get them at the Designer Circle in packs of 2. They are by VG Shoes and each pack is just 99 L$.
VG Shoes has yet another offer at the Designer Circle. These Venezia shoes also come in packs of 2 and they are for SLINK HIGH feet. Each pack is 99 L$.