Thursday, December 4, 2014

Advents calendars and hunts...what more do you want?

Hi Readers!
Let me start by telling you that you can still vote for your favorite blogger (which is hopefully ME) and your favorite female skin designer (which for me is WoW skins - Sawsdan Secretspy) till December 8th. We both are nominated for the Avi Choice awards 2014 and you can vote HERE. Thank you so much for voting :)

Today on my blog some more gifts from the advents calendars I follow. I can't follow them ALL but there is a site that has many more advent calenders listed. It is called Yermawn. You can see if the gifts are free, if you need a group and if it is a full month calendar or 12 days calendar.
The ones I follow are for example the Kitty Cat one. Many great designers have put a gift inside this calendar. Today there is a gift by Maxi Grossamer and you get these lovely earrings in gold or silver.
Then I went to ALB and found out that the advent calendar which was FREE to everyone now is group only and joining is quite expensive (300 L$). So that's off my list.
But I did go to to the one at Virtual Impressions. For this advent calendar you also need a group but joining is free. Todays and yesterdays gift are a beautiful bracelet and a lovely diamond and ruby set.
The next stop was Isis Boutique. They have 2 pairs of awesome pumps (NON SLINK) as gifts for day #3 and #4. No group needed and the gifts are free.
And Cero Style has a lovely purple and black dress as a #4 gift :) No group needed and the gifts are free.
Then Needful Pixels has a very sexy latex body suit in blue as their day #4 gift. There are gloves included and the pants are actually with feet, but I could not get them to work with my SLINK hands and feet, sorry. No group needed and the gifts are free.
Over to my friend Nani. She is the owner designer of NS and she has these elegant Chic booties with a HUD to change them into no less that 10 different styles for just 200 L$!
The HUD changes the zipper, chain and the texture to your liking.
Purple Moon suprised their group members with a lovely new group gift. Joining their group is 50 L$ but you get this elegant gown with the fur overcoat as a group gift.
To my surprise I saw that Purple Moon is participating in the Peace On Earth hunt! This hunt runs from December 1st till January 6th and you are looking for a blue globe with a dove on it. All gifts in this hunt are free and there are #117 stores to search. There is a LINK page avaialbe (no hints) which is very helpful.
Back to #2 Purple Moon. If you can locate the hunt globe at their store, these lovely fur jackets are yours.
Then I went to #4 Chop Zuey. Inside their hunt globe I found this lovely diamond set of jewellery. Beautiful!
And #5 Zuri's Jewellery has a lovely Peace pendant necklace as a gift in the Peace on Earth hunt. You only have to find that globe!!