Monday, December 8, 2014

Making it up with an extra LONG blog today

Morning Readers!
So sorry for the short blog yesterday but my health is giving me more problems than I can handle at te moment. However today you will get an extra LONG blog because I will also post the gifts from the Advent Calendars you missed yesterday!

But first I want to start with the lovely Elsa skin WoW skins has on offer at the Big Show Event! You can find all info about this event HERE.
Like I said: WoW skins has Elsa there, and Elsa is an exclusive for this Event. Elsa comes in 4 skin tones and with 3 different eyebrow colours.
Each skin tone has 5 make up versions and a natural version on which you can add all your personal make up.
REMEMBER I am wearing FRECKLE layers with all skins. They are NOT build in the skins.
Now over to the Advent Calendars. Below I will show you the gifts from the Advent Calendars I follow. They are all free and NO group needed, unless otherwise stated.
The Kitty Cat Advent calendar at WoW skins wasn't working yesterday, so Sawsan put the lovely day #7 gift on the floor right next to the calendar! You get this awesome Miah skin in tan as a gift.
In the Kitty Cat Calendar a lot of great Second Life Designers have put great gifts inside. For day #8 you get this lovely hair with hat which is by Mina hair. You get an Ombre fatpack with HUD and the hud changes the hair tone and the hat to your liking.
Then I went to Virtual Impressions. For this calendar you will need to be in their group but joining is free! For day #7 you get a lovely forget me not jewellery set.
And for day #8 you get a pair of awesome dancing shoes at Virtual Impressions.
The next stop was Cero Style. They have this great shorts and blouse outfit as a day #7 gift and a lovely cream vest and top outfit for day #8.
Alli & Ali hair has been added to my daily advent calendars and they give away a new gift each day. The previous gifts are no longer available, but I still want to show you what I got on day #7
And on day #8 at Alli & Ali hair.
Another new addition is Alice Project. They have a gift for group members but they also have a gift each day for NON group members! I am showing you the NON group members gift from day #7 which is no longer available.
But the day #8 gift at Alice Project is avaiable today! Look at the different hair tones (you get all) and look at the different bangs, you get all of them for all hair tones too!
My last find are the boots you get at Isis Boutique today. It is their day #8 gift.