Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rocking around the Christmas tree

Hi Readers!
Another Christmas song today: Rocking around the Christmas tree.
Just to get you in the happy Christmas mood to go get the lovely gifts from the Advent Calendars I follow or to go hunting in the Peace on Earth hunt.
And that is what you will find on my blog today!
Let me start however with the lovely Elsa skin by WoW skins. This skin is an exclusive for the Big Show Event and I blogged this skin before HERE. However WoW skins brought out a lovely new skin tone: golden, and Sawsan got a lot of requests from customers to make a golden version of Elsa too. And here it is! NOT free though. Elsa comes in 5 make up layers and a natural layer and all appliers are sold at the WoW skins mainstore.
I have been wearing this lovely skin today on my blog while I was unpacking the great gifts you can find in the Peace on Earth hunt. This hunt runs till January 6th and you are looking for a blue globe with a white dove on it. There are #117 stores to visit and all gifts are FREE.
There is a LINK page (no hints) which is very helpful if you get stuck.
I landed at #59 Chic in this hunt and they give you this fun warm winter outfit if you can find the globe at their store! The cute Reindeer slippers are from Marketplace and they are by Exiled Inc. You have to pay 1 L$ for these cute slippers. Perfect to rock around the tree!
Then I went to #36 Glam Dreams and they also have a warm sweater with leggings hidden in their hunt globe. You only have to locate it to wear this great outfit! The Pointsettia decoration on this sweater is actually located on the right side of the sweater but as my hair is there I moved it to my left side.
And #34 Masoom has this very cute dress as a hunt gift if you can find that globe. Can you see me rocking around the tree in this dress?
I am wearing elegant Christmas shoes from Marketplace with this outfit and they are by Purfect10 and totally free.
Another participant in the Peace on Earth hunt is #76 B&W design. Inside their hunt globe you can find this great outfit for guys, including the loafers. But you know me: I tried it on and it doesn't look that bad on me :) It's a little my Boyfriend look.
Zanze is #14 in this hunt and they have a lovely gift for you too. That is: you have to find the Peace on Earth globe to get this great sweater, but it ios worth the efford!
My last in the POE hunt for today is another great sweater. This one is by #30 Shine and inside the hunt globe you will fins a lovely black sweater. The cute tights are also hidden inside a hunt globe but you have to go to #71 Sweat Tea and find the hunt globe there to get these tights.
Over to my daily round along the free Advent Calendars. I went to Virtual Impressions and you do need a group there but joining is free and the gifts are free. I got this lovely diamond necklace and earrings set for day #11.
Another Advent Calendar is the KittyCatz calendar at WoW skins. Many great SL designers put in lovely gifts and you can find this calendar at all their stores. Today on day #11 you get a beautiful updo in 3 hair tones by Analog Dog. Free.
And Alice Project has a gift for everyone each day too. You get this lovely glitter version in 5 hair tones from Danyelle on day #11. Free.
Alli & Ali hair are giving away snow white hair for guys and gals each dat and on day #11 you get the ones shown below. Free.
Then I went to Cero Style and they have some awesome outfits each day hidden insid etheir advent calendar. On day #11 you get this great pants, top and jacket set. Free.
The cute green flats in 2 versions are the #11 Advent gift at Isis Boutique advent calendar and they are also free.