Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Just 2 days till Christmas....and so much to do...

Morning Readers,
Are you getting stressed out from all the things you have to do before Christmas? And then you get into Second life and even there is a lot going on juct before VChristmas, hunts, Advent Calendars, things to pick up...you name it.
Today on my blog you will see some new group gifts by Prism and their 5000 member group gift too. CONGRATULATIONS Prism! And thank you! Joining the Prism group is free ladies. And you will also see several gifts from teh Advent Calendars I follow...also free.
So keep reading!
Let me start with Prism. They reached their 5000 members and they give all group members an awesome outfit! Joining the group is free.
I also picked up the November and the December gift at Prism. The November gift is a set of a legging (with a colour change hud, which changes the legging into 3 colours) and a lovely top.
I am wearing a Lucky chair gift by Baby Monkey with this outfit, the Olinda boots. These studded boots come with a colour change hud with endless colours, so you can adjust the boots to all your outfits! You have to be in the Baby Monkey group though to sit on the Lucky chairs and joining is 250 L$.
The December gift by Prism is a set with a sweater in 2 colours, great pants and lovely matching snow boots.
Over to the Advent Calendars I follow. Regular readers know by know which ones they are!! Let me start with Alice Project. They give you a new hairstyle for free each day  (no group needed) and you get a pack of 5 different hair tones with a lovely Christmas glitter detail. Previous gifts were no longer available, but I found out that they are!! You just have to pay 50 L$ for each previous hair style you missed!!!
Then I went to Alli & Ali hair. They give you a snow white hair do each day for free (no group needed). You get a male and a female hair do. But previous gifts are no longer available.
And Cero Style gives you a lovely outfit each day! This is the one from day #22, but previous gifts are no longer available. The gifts are free and there is no group needed.
My next stop was the Kitty Catz calendar at WoW skins. Lots of great Second Life designers have put gifts inside this calendar and the gifts I am showing you below are by Kunglers (the scarfs) and from Stella Jane (the lovely red gown) which are both gifts behind dor #22. The gifts are free, no group needed and previous gifts are available. Don't disguard them though, you only get them ONCE!!!
While you are at WoW skins: they have a 1 L$ hunt going on. There are #14 bears not really hidden at the store (numbers from #1 till #14) and inside each bear is a lovely skin gift. ONE is for guys, the rest is for us gals :)
The hunt runs till December 30th.
My last find for today are the lovely gifts from the Chop Zuey advent Calendar. They have one for group members (joining is 350 L$) but there is also one for NON group members. The lovely purple ring is for NON group members and this gift is free. For the bracelets you will nee dthe group.
Previous gifts are available and all gifts are free.