Saturday, December 6, 2014

Don't we all love December?

Morning Readers,
In December there is so much goin on in Second Life. There are advent calendars, there are hunts and there are gifts to find!
Let me start with the advent calendars I follow. If you want a list with more advent calendars I suggest to visit YerMawn, they have an awesome list, where you can see if the gifts are free, if the calendar is for each December day, or if it is a 12 days calendar. And you can see if a group is needed.
I went to the Kitty Cat Calendar at WoW skins. In this calendar you will find a new gift each day and each gift is by a well  known Second Life Designer. You do not need a group and all gifts are free. Previous gifts are still available. Today you get 2 gifts: lovely pyjama pants in 7 colours by Sn@tch and another gift, shelves with a cute cat by Xade's Creations.
The lovely skin I am wearing is a new release by WoW skins. It is Tilda Darktan make up #4. Tilda comes in 4 skin tones and each skin tone comes in 5 make up versions and one natural version. NOT free.
Then I went to Isis Boutique and their gift for today is a beautiful skin called Broek! The gifts are free and there is no group needed.
Then I hopped over to Virtual Impressions. Here you will need  a group, but joining is free and the gifts are free. Yesterday the gift was a pair of lovely snowflake earrings. Today you get the matching necklace!
My last visit was at Cero Style. They have an awesome gown as a gift for today and their gifts are free and you do not need a group!
Over to the Peace on Earth hunt. This hunt runs till January 6th and you are looking for a blue globe with a white dove on it. There is a LINK page avaialble (no hints) but some stores do have hints at their entrance. There are #117 stores to visit. All gifts in this hunt are FREE.
I went to #3 LivGlam and they have no less than FIVE hunt globes at their store. My personal hint: if you find the right spot, you will find them all.
Now what did I find there? These first elegant high heels are hidden inside a globe at LivGlam and they are from their K-Collection. You will need SLINK HIGH feet to wear these shoes. The shoes come with a colour change hud.
And this Poncho Shiver & shake outfit is from the LivGlam Boutique and it is hidden in one of the five globes. You get a HUD with this outfit to change the top and the skirt each into 2 colours.
This next outfit is from the LivGlam DE Boutique and it is called Never Walk Alone. Just find the right globe to get it!
Ana Markova also has a lovely gift at LivGlam. This Winter dress 2014 is yours if you locate the right globe.
The last gift you can find at LivGlam is by Ivy's Atelier and it is called Rock the Bells. This lovely dress is yours if you find the hunt globe!
My last find for today is the very elegant gift the new Morea Style has for their group members. Joining is 150 L$ and there are several group gifts available.
The elegant sandals are Detroit Sandals by Essenz. They come in 6 great colours and you will need SLINK HIGH feet to wear them. They are NOT free.