Sunday, December 21, 2014 IS all about advent Calendars!

Morning Readers, Happy Sunday!
Today just gifts from Advent Calendars on my blog, but the good thing is: they are all FREE!
So here goes.
Baby Monkey has 12 Days till Christmas stockings at their store and to get these stockings you do NOT need a group, and they are free. Each day you get part of a lovely wardrobe in 3 colours. The gifts include booties, pumps (for SLINK and NON slink), a skirt, a tee shirt, a sweater, jeans, clutches, a lovely necklace with matching earrings and bangles and a beautiful dress. You have to pay 1 L$ but you will get that back immediately. The gifts are awesome, they all come with a colour change HUD to change to the 3 matching colours. Below is what I got there.
Previous gifts are still available.
The lovey skin I am wearing is Monica Golden make up version #4 by WoW skins (NOT free)
The lovely hair is Zaida by Tameless (NOT Free)
And inside the KittyCatz calendar you can find many lovely gifts as well. You do not need a group and the gifts are free. Previous gifts are still available BUT you get the gifts only ONCE so do not disguard them!
This first gift is by Tres Beau. You get the fun hat and the lovely sweater with shirt.
This gift is by D.D.M. Designs and you get a lovely necklace, earrings and a bracelet.
The D.D.M. Gift will go great with the gown you get by MiaMai in the Kitty Catz Advent calendar.
Another gift in the KittyCats advent Calendar is this great I LLOVE MY CAT necklace by L&B Clothing.
Over to Cero Style. They have a lovely dress or outfit for you each day in their advent calendar. No group needed, the gifts are free, but previous gifts are NOT available. Below is todays gift.
Then I went to Virtual Impressions. They have lovely gifts inside their advent calendar too! You will need to be in their group to get the gifts but joining is free. Previous gifts are available and they are free. Below are the gifts from the past days, from day #17 till day #21.
And my last calendar is the one at Alli & Ali Hair. They have 2 hair styles for you each day inside their advent calendar, a male and a female one. No group needed, the gifts are free BUT past gifts are not available. The hair gifts all come in white.