Thursday, August 14, 2014

Time to go hunting again

Hi there Readers,
Today on my blog the last bargains from the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till August 16th so just one day left to go grab this great outfit by JK Styles. This cute set of a cropped top and shorts is called Dylan and you can find it at the Designer Circle for just 65 L$. Dylan comes with white and black sunglasses and with a very small tote bag. And with a HUD that changes the texture into 6 different colours.
Icewerk also has a great offer at the Designer Circle. This set with a bikini top, low rise jeans shorts and matching thong is called Summer beach. It comes in 5 colours and each set is 100 L$.
Over to the title of my blog: time to go hunting. I have been doing the Battle of the Sexes hunt (female version) and this hunt runs till August 20th. In this hunt you are looking for a box with the hunt poster on it, and all hunt gifts are free. You can find a HINT & LINK page here, but I have to tell you not all SLURLS are correct. A lot of shops are closed or don't participate (anymore) in this hunt. And some SLURLS lead to sex clubs or gambling clubs. Just use the links from my blog, I verified them all, the shops exist and they have the hunt gift out.
So what did I get? Well I landed at #21 B Barbie style and I found the hunt box there. Inside was this very cute pink outfit and the boxing gloves too. Which does right to the title of this hunt: Battle of the sexes! Literally.
And this cute outfit is hidden inside the hunt box at #17 Brii Underground. You get the boots, the outfit, the cute cardiagn and a make up layer as a bonus.
My next stop was at #22 Vero Modero. They also have a very cute gift in this hunt and all you have to do to get it is to locate that hunt box at their store. Inside the box you will find this sexy pair of shorts and the colourful top. The necklace and earrings are by Lazuri and they are called Queen of Hearts. 175 L$ for this lovely set.
Then I went to #19 Avro and I found these beautiful Plume wings as a gift in this hunt. The wings are colour change and you can adjust them to all your outfits. They are just beautifil to wear. Just showing you a few colour options below.
I also found some cute jewellery in this hunt. The first one is by #7 Freya's Finest. I found this lovely necklace inside their hunt item of this hunt.
Then I went to #41 Loordes of London. They have a lot of (older) hunt items at one spot, you just have to find it! From the Battle of the Sexes hunt I found this great bracelet hidden inside the hunt item.
And this elegant bracelet was hidden inside the hunt item (at the same spot) form the FHG Big New Hunt. (free)

My last stop for today in the Battle of the Sexes hunt was at #34 BlahBLAHBlah. Inside their hunt box I found these fun tank tops in grey and white. (Jeans not included).
The jeans are by Blackburns and you can find them for free on Marketplace. You get a black and a blue version of these jeans.