Monday, August 18, 2014

Do you prefer Marketplace or Gatcha machines?

Morning Readers,

On this Monday morning I am trying to solve important world questions, like: would my readers prefer freebies from Marketplace or would they rather go for Gatcha machines, which are not free, but give you awesome gifts?
Ah well...I haven't had my morning coffee yet, so these agonising questions will have to wait. Or...wait...I can do both on my blog!

So here goes. Dirty.Little.Secret is participating in the Gatcha Garden. Inside their Gatcha you will find these lovely Swingy Sun dresses. The black & white one is the rare one and each try is 50 L$. The Gatchas are transfer, so you can swap with your friends or just give them away.
You can also find this cute Mad Man make up for free at the Gatcha Garden. The make up is also by Dirty.little.Secret. Buy the little black box on the Gatcha for 0 L$.
Then Dirty.little.Secret has a great new group gift for their members. This fun Resort dress is for group members (joining is 150 L$) but non group members can buy this pack of Resort dresses for 100 L$. You get a dove coloured one, a raven coloured one and a cardinal coloured one and the great pumps are included. Showing you the cardinal and the raven one.
The cute new group gift by BabyMonkey will go great with these dresses. Joining BabyMonkey is 250 L$ but Pixie is very generous with group gifts and there are free to join weekends on a regular basis. This time you get sunnies with a HUD which changes these glasses into many many colours. Just showing you a few options.
Over to Marketplace. My favorite place to shop :)
If you are looking for something specific, just type in what you are looking for in the white search line on Marketplace. For example: fun dress. Then add NOT demo (mind the caps). So you type in fun dress NOT demo and hit enter. You will get a lot of results. Then go to the left and chose what amount you want to spend. I usually use 0-1 L$ but you can also go for 0-10 L$ or more. If you enter, the search will refresh and you will only have the results for the amount of L$ you put in.
Now what did I get there? Well I found this very cute blue dress with leaves by Valeur store. The dress is mesh and it is free. 
And this blue dress is is by Pulse and it is called Storm. I wonder why? Well it is a lovely blue dress and it is free. The elegant belt is included.
I think I am in my blue period, because I found another blue outfit. This fun hippie outfit was free but the designer is now asking 99 L$ for the complete outfit. You get the glasses, the necklace, the outfit and the laces for SLINK high feet. This outfit is by FLG.
Over to some cute jeans in brown I found on Marketplace. These jeans are by ThreeCi and they are a wearable demo. Which means you can wear them and DEMO is not showing. These jeans are free. And I styled these jeans in 2 ways. With these jeans I am wearing free shoes by DUH. These shoes are also a wearable demo. And the cute Cake top is by The seventh Exile and this top is free.
For the other stylish version I am wearing the same shoes, but the top is by Yaya Binghi and this sweater is cballed Hippo Bohemian sweater. it come sin many colours for free, I chose the green one.