Monday, August 11, 2014

My Monday blog

Morning Readers,
I am not too keen on Mondays. Weekend is over, the week is starting...lots of things to do. Mondays are not my favorite days.
But hey...I found some goodies for you all and that makes this Monday an exception: it will be a great day for shopping!
Let me start with some very cute outfits I found at the Designer Circle. Their current round rund till August 16th so don't wait too long to go grab those bargains.
How about this great outfit. Can you see yourself go shopping or clubbing in this sexy Faith outfit by StormCrow Designs? You can find it at the Designer Circle for just 75 L$. I love the back side of the skirt.....
And the matching Faith shoes for SLINK high feet can be worn in 2 ways, with or without the ankle straps. Just 75 L$ for these elegant shoes! Available at the Designer Circle ladies and they are by StormCrow Designs!
Another great outfit you can find at the Designer Circle is by Pink Cherry. They have this very elegant Angelique dress in leather on offer for just 100 L$. You have a choice of a sexy black one with white trimmings or a fun white one with pink trimmings. But whatever Angelique you will chose: you will look awesome in it. Look at the lovely laced back !
With the black dress I am wearing Baubles by Phe Soiree bangles (160 L$).
With the white dress I am wearing the Baubles by Phe Fringe set (NOT free).
Over to SLC. They have new 60 L$ offers and this week you can get this elegant yet sexy Lace mesh corset outfit for just 60 L$. There are plenty colours and textures to chose from, I am just showing you a few options below.
The lovely bangles are by Baubles by Phe and they are called Love Juliette (145 L$).
And B!asta has a new Grab-A-B!asta out, which you can grab for 50 L$ till WEDNESDAY. This elegant steampunk outfit is so great to wear, I can't believe you can get it for just 50 L$!
The great boots are by Bax Coen (NOT free and NOT for SLINK feet).
B!asta is also participating in 2 events. One is the Greek Islands Gatcha Fair, and you can try your luck to win these great Venux shoes there. Each try is 100 L$ but the shoes are transfer, so you can swap doubles with friends. Or just give them away. Each pair of shoes comes with a HUD which swaps the coluirs. Look at the silver/white pair.
There are 10 different colours to win and these sandals are for SLINK high feet.
This fair runs till August 31st.
And B!asta is also participating in the Feeb's Rascal Gatcha Event. This event is a monthly evcent, which starts every 2nd of the month and runs till the end of the month. B!asta has some awesome sandals in their Gatcha and they are caled Elba. These sandals are for SLINK flat feet, and each try is 50 L$. You can win 10 common ones or 4 rare ones, ion total 14 to win ladies. They are transfer so you can swap!