Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How not to be boring.

Hello Readers,
Welcome to my blog today. If anything, you don't want to be boring in Second life. At least I won't! You want to shine and sparkle and look your best. And how easy can it be in Second life? No gym to go to to lose those extra pounds,just adjust your shape. No clothes that get dirty. No clothes that won't fit. No bad hair days, just get a new hair style if you are bored with the current one. No killer heels that hurt your feet within 5 seconds. No pimples, spots, wrinkles or baggies below the eyes. Just get a flawless skin!
So today on my blog you will find an awesome new skin. And great shoes. And fun dresses. And a beautiful gown. Some are free, some are not..just keep reading!
Let me start with this awesome Sahra skin. It is by WOW skins, and you might have seen it on my blog before. WOW skins created this skin for the La Mistinguette sale, which rund till August 29th. Sahra comes in 4 skin tones and each skin tone has 4 make up versions and one natural version. These skins are NOT free, but they are so detailed and so awesome that they are worth every L$.
I am wearing parted lips by Step Inside with this lovely skin. They are no longer available but I found some FREE parted lips on Marketplace. You can get TULI ones for free, or Mercury shop has free es too, MAD has some, and Beauty by Alaskametro also has free parted lips. Just read the reviews to see what others say about them!
Then I quickly went to the Designer Circle and got the last offers there. Their current round runs till August 16th so NOT much time left!
This great outfit is by Ashmoot and you can find it at the Designer Circle. The dress and hat are 99 L$ and the wedges for SLINK HIGH feet are also 99 L$.
And this great outfit is called Harper and it is bt JK Styles. You can find it at the Designer Circle, and it is yours for just 65 L$. Harper comes with a HUD that changes the colour of the dress into no less than 8 colours and the earrings, bracelet and ring are also included.
Over to some group gifts I picked up. This very cute dress, including shoes and nails is the newest group gift at Finesmith. Joining the group is free, and there are previous group gifts available too. The shoes are for SLINK HIGH feet.
Another great group gift are these great jeans boots by Gabriel.  Joining this group is free and there are previous group gifts available too.
My last find is by Kastle Rock. This beautiful gown is their over 10.000 members gift. Joining the Kastle Rock group is 100 L$ but there are plenty previous group gifts available at the store.