Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ready for a battle?

Morning Readers,
Are you ready for a battle today on this lovely Sunday?
Well the Battle of the Sexes hunt runs till August 20th and I still have some goodies to show you from this hunt.

There is a HINT & LINK page available which is sometimes helpful but there are a lot of shops missing, some links lead to sex clubs and some to gaming clubs.
So what did I find there? I landed at #3 Toxic H and found this sexy dress inside their hunt box of this hunt. You are looking for a square box with the logo of the hunt on it. I also went to #7 Freya's Finest and found their hunt box too. Inside is a lovely set of jewellery which goes great with this dress.
The beautiful skin I am wearing today on my blog is Sahra dark tan, cleavage option, with make up #1 by WOW skins. You can find this lovely new released skin in 4 skin tones at the La Mistinguette sale, which runs till August 29th. NOT free, but a very high quality, very detailed skin with a beautiful glow.
Then I went to #25 Deadly Mouse to find this great dress inside their hunt box.
And #13 Miss Jewel also has a great sexy dress hidden inside their hunt box. So for those of you who love those short and sexy dresses, this hunt is a MUST DO....all hunt items are free.
Another participant in this hunt is #14 MadCat Creations. If you can find the hunt box at their store, this fun summer dress will be yours to wear!
There are actually quite a lot of summer outfits to find in this hunt. How about this one, which you can find inside the hunt box at  #16 Fashionatic? You just have to find the hunt box to get it.
Or you can hop over to #41 Loordes of London. They have this sexy bathing suit as a gift in the Battle of the Sexes hunt! Perfect for those hot summer days! And yes I am wearing pasties with this outfit....
And #32 Wilsons Designs has this cute brown shorts & top set hidden inside their hunt box. However on this box are fireworks and not the hunt logo!
When it is summer it is the perfect time to show off your tattoos. And in this hunt you can find a lovely tattoo of butterflies. They are on your stomach but also on your back (not shown) and you can find this tattoo in several layers insdie the hunt box at #23 TOAX tattoos.
For the colder summer days you also can find matching outfits in this hunt. How about this cute capri set which is the hunt gift by #23 Prism? Just find that box and it is yours!
The cute matching flip flops are for SLINK flat feet and you can find them on the Lucky boards at SMC.
Or you can hop over to #31 Marci's Place where you will find this great pair of jeans and fun purple top inside the hunt box of this hunt.
This next set of jeans comes with a red corset top and it is hidden inside the hunt box at #4 Harmony Designs. It is perfect for colder evenings, and you will look very elegant in it. Just go find that hunt box!
And for those who think of winter already: these fringed boots are hidden inside the hunt box at #26 Prism. But not in the Battle of the Sexes hunt, you have to find the Winter Wishes hunt box, which is a box with a winter scene on it.