Friday, August 15, 2014

Ohhh sooo elegant

Hi there Readers!
Don't you love to be elegant? I just can't get enough of walking around in Second Life with great gowns I would never ever wear in real life. With heels that would kill me within 5 minutes if I would put them on in real life.
I often wonder if the gowns in SL would even stay up in rl?
Anyway, today a blog with just elegant dresses and gowns. Just because I love them.
Let me start with a few new group gifts. This really breathtaking black gown is the 4th anniversary gift by Gizza to their group members. Joining the group is free and there are many previous group gifts available too. But this gown is just a very beautiful gift. The back is spectacular and the pearls are included.
The lovely updo is by ChiChickie and it is called Jia. Comes with the Zen hair stick. NOT free though.
The lovely skin I am wearing today is Sahra Dark Tan with cleavage option by WOW skins. Sahra is a new release for the La Mistinguette sale, which runs till August 29th. You have a choice of several skin tones and several make up versions.
Another store that has some (yes you read that right) great new group gifts out is Purple Moon. If you are in the group you will get not one but TWO great new gowns. Joining the group is 50 L$ but look at these 2 gowns...where can you get them for 50 L$? The purple gown is NON mesh for those ladies who do not fancy mesh, the red one is mesh.
The lovely bracelets are called Love Juliette and they are by Baubles by Phe (149 L$).
And this hair is called Cecelia naturals and it is by Tameless (249 L$ for a fat pack with lots of colours). Tameless recently changed their HUDS with the hair and now it is so easy to change the size or colour!
Over to the Battle of the Sexes hunt. I already bloghged a few of the gifts I found in this hunt, and now I am going to show you some more. The hunt runs till August 20th and you are looking for a square box with the logo of the hunt on it. You can find a HINT & LINK page here, which is not always very helpful as some stores are gone, some links lead to sex clubs or to gambling clubs. Just use the landmarks from my blog, I can assure you the stores I visited are there and they have the hunt gift out.
Let me start with a lovely beaded beige gown which I found inside the hunt box at #33 LVS&CO. The gown is just awesome, perfect to wear and it is very figure flattering.
Then I found this black and purple combo, skirt and top, inside the hunt box at #12 Nightmare Designs. Can you see yourself go out dancing all night in this lovely outfit? The cute shoes are by Pure Poison and they are called Jolie sandals and they are for SLINK flat feet (NOT free).
Now we don't Always want to go out in long gowns, so I also found a few shorter elegant dresses.  This purple cocktail dress is hidden inside the hunt box at #11 Hot stuff. It is fun, short and sexy, what more do you want?
Now #42 K&K Creations has an elegant gift hidden inside their hunt box. This beautiful silk top with the leggings is just perfect for an evening out.
And for those ladies who love to wear pants, go find the hunt box at #21 Soul Designs. This great pink outfit will be yours if you can find that hunt box at their store.
My last outfit is hidden inside the hunt box at Sabra Style. This lovely outfit in black & white will be yours if you can locate the hunt gift at their store!