Saturday, August 30, 2014

Take a stroll along Marketplace...

Hi Readers,
For the weekend I took a stroll along Marketplace and I want to invite you to take a stroll there too. A perfect way to shop, you can find so many goodies there!
Let me start with this cute outfit for Fall. The pants are by Poison and they are called Ball jeans. They are free. I styled the jeans with a lovely black sweater by M2M and it is called Balone Sweater. 1 L$ for this cute sweater and even though there is a LIME sweater on Marketplace, you get the black version.  With this outfit I am wearing black bangles by La Petite perle (free) and sweet shoes by Zuf Ziva, silk road China flats. They are free.
Now you could decide to wear these black leather strapped bracelets for a more tough look, in stead of the black bangles above. They are by Fox Labs and they are called Spiked Wristbands. (free)
And if you do not like the flats, why not wear a pair of elegant spiked heeled boots with the outfit? I found these ones by ThankYouVeryMesh for free on Marketplace. They come with a HUD to change the colour of the boots or parts of the boots.
Or you can go for an entirely tougher look and get this outfit in black & white on Marketplace. This outfit is by Imagine and it is called Emo Sensation outfit. You get the whole outfit for free, but the shoes are not included.
So I wanted to find matching shoes with this outfit and I found them! These black & white chuckers are by Asylum in Your Embassy! and they are free.
You can get these chuckers also in KHAKI for free, or in RED, or in DENIM (not shown - but they are all free).
Imagine has some more goodies for free on Marketplace. Ohhh and I got a PHONE!!! Can't wait to show you my new My Phone by [TNG]. It is free and it is animated and just too cute to miss. The lovely black dress is by Imagine and it is called Valery. Valery is completely free. The lovely jewellery is by La Petite Perle and it is called Diamond Heart and it is free.
The next outfit is called Ginger and it is by Imagine (and free). You get a necklace and bangles with this outfit, but also a tie to wear with the dress.
I just couldn't stop with shopping at Imagine. This next outfit is also from their store and it is called Cherry. This outfit comes with several tattoos in all layers. The shoes are included, but I would get rid of them and get for example these free pumps by Plausible Bodies. You get a fat pack with heels for free.
And my last outfit for today is also by Imagine. The outfit is called Maddy and you get the cute top and the skimpy shorts. The whole outfit is free.