Saturday, August 9, 2014

A new summer wardrobe

Hi Readers,
Who doesn't want that: a complete new summer wardrobe? Costs a lot of money you say? Not necessarily, not if you go to the Aloha Fair 2014 (which runs till August 11th) or to the Designer Circle (which current round runs till August 16th). At the Aloha fair most stores have a surfboard ta their store (not hidden, in plain sight) which you can buy for either 1 L$ or 0 L$ or more L$. Inside are incredible gifts. At the Designer Circle a lot of great SL designers offer one or more of their designs for 100 L$ or less.
So a new wardrobe won't costs you that much if you shop clever.
Let me start with the Aloha Fair 2014. I found quite a lot of goodies there, like this fun dress by NousVous. This tube dress is inside the surf board at their store and it is yours for 1 L$. The matching shoes are also hidden inside a surf board, this time at Gaall. The shoes are for SLINK flat feet and they will cost you 1 L$.
Now if you are using a landmark from my blog, you will land at a landing point. How to find the right store? Copy the landmark from my blog and paste it in nearby chat. Then right click the landmark and chose show on map. A small red Arrow will appear on your screen pointing at the exact spot where I found the store. You have to walk or fly there, because teleporting will just take you back to the landing point.
To wear with this fun dress hop over to Graffitiwear on the Aloha Fair 2014 and go buy their surf board. It is free and this beautiful hair band will be yours to wear all summer!
The next dress is perfect for a hot summer day. You can find it inside the surf board by M&M and it is called Hanky dress. Just 1 L$ for this lovely dress.
And for a more formal occasion, like a high tea in the garden of your best friend, the dress you can find inside the surf board at Like Design Studio is very suitable. Just 1 L$ for this elegant dress. The bag I am wearing with this dress is by BDS and it is free. You get a pink and a black version of this bag.
For a late evening stroll along the boulevard this fun corset outfit by Star Fashions is perfect. It is free at the Aloha fair 2014, just buy the surf board at their store for 0 L$. You get a great pair of jeans and a matching blue corset top.
The fun summer hat and the shades are by EyeCandy and they will set you back 1 L$. But they complete each summer outfit!
The shoes are the Gaall shoes for SLINK flat feet, which I blogged above.
Now if you like to go out in (summer) style, this sweet 'n sexy cocktail dress by Silk Dreams is just what you need. The surf board it is hidden in is free, so the dress is also free! But you will look like a million dollars!
The glasses are by Hollyhood, and you get an on-the-nose version and an on-the-hair version for free.
Over to the Designer Circle and their current round. Nya's Design has really cute summer dresses on offer at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ each. The dresses are called Chiffon dress and there are 5 solid colours and 5 paterned colours to chose from. Perfect summer dresses ladies, and for that price you can afford all you like.
The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri and it is called Queen of Hearts set. This set is colour change, which means you can change the colour of the necklace and the gems. Just 175 L$ for this great set.
OK I think you noticed I wasn't wearing shoes with the dress above. But at the Designer Circle Loordes of London is offering great Palermo shoes for SLINK high feet in 5 colours for just 100 L$ per colour. They go great with summer dresses!
And my last find for today are these great boho style outfits by JK Style. These skirts & tops combi's are called Larissa and they come in no less than 8 colours. There is a HUD included which changes the top and the skirt in colour, so you can mix and match, which makes the possibilities to wear this outfit endless. Just 65 L$ and that includes a beautiful belly ring too. You can find this outfit at the Designer Circle.