Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to spice up that little black dress....

Hi there readers
To my suprise my blog has been visited 419,500 times since I started blogging, which is great. There must be some of you that really like my blog, just as much as I like blogging. Thank you all for your visits :)

So I will quickly start with my blog for today. Every woman has a little black dress in her wardrobe (at least I have). And that little black dress is a life saver if you don't know WHAT to wear! You can wear it to work, with sensible shoes and a cardigan over it. You can wear it to a dinner with friends, with a lovely scarf and a matching bag. You can wear it to a party with those killer heels and bold jewellery. Anyway I made my point I guess, you can spice up a little black dress.
You can, for example, get this beautiful Venus set by Aidoru. This set is colour change by hud, you can change the colour of the metal into 4 different tones, and you can change the gems into no less that 8 tones. It is not free (450 L$ for the complete set, but you can also buy just parts), but it is a lovely set.
The lovely skin I am wearing today is Sahra dark tan cleavage option, make up #1 by WoW skins. This skin is an exclusive for the La Mistinguette sale, which runs from August 9th till August 29th. (NOT free). Sahra comes in 4 skin tones and each skin tone come sin 4 make up versions and one natural version.

And to complete the outfit you can get these great shoes by Aidoru. You will need SLINK high feet to wear them (675 L$ per pair of feet).
These first 2 pairs are called Mia Elite pumps, the pair below is called Devil pumps. Each pair is 130 L$.
Or you can go to The Fantasy gatcha Festival, where 22769 has a gatcha which will look awesome with the little black dress! You get earrings or a shoulder piece or a nose ring as common items per try. Or you can get the head wrap as a rare item per try. This beautiful Asia queen set comes in 3 metal tones. And as you can with each gatcha: you can swap doubles with friends.
And you can also find these beautiful Phoenix necklaces at Totally Top Shelf, they are also by 22769. They are not free, but they go great with any dress, especially a black one.
You can also hop over to Finesmith and join their group. Joining is free and you can pick up this great group gift which will spice up ANY little black dress.
And of course you need awesome nails to wear with a little black dress! Nail me has send out a great Subscribo gift a few days ago..beautiful nails for SLINK hands (2250 L$ per fat pack of hands) or you can also use the nail hud with the SLINK nail enhancer which works with regular hands (150 L$).
Nail me is also participating in the Anarchy hunt which runs from August 15th till September 15th. Each hunt item is 1 L$ and if you can locate the hunt item at Nail Me these great nails are yours. I hear you say: but I don't HAVE a little black dress....well that is easy to solve. Just hop over to the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till August 16th so you have 6 days left to grab those great offers you can find there! Little black dress? Well Baboom has a great one on offer at the Designer Circle. And this cute Claudine dress doesn't only come in have 5 colours to chose from! 80 L$ per dress is a steal!
With this dress I am wearing Love Julliette bangles, which are by Baubles by Phe. They are NOT free (145 L$), but they are great to wear and they go great with ANY dress, not only a black one.
And Mu-shi Doll also has a little black dress on offer at the Designer Circle. Which also comes in pink. This dress is called Waisted dress Didi and you can grab it for just 99 L$ per dress.
The bangles are again by Baubles by Phe and they are called Love Juliette. (NOT free - 145 L$)