Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ready for the nail salon?

Happy Saturday Readers!

First a special announcement: Baby Monkey shoes has a FREE group join ONLY this weekend till Sunday at Midnight. Usually the enrolment fee is 250 L$ but this weekend it is FREE!!! Hop over and join, they have awesome group gifts!! And ofcourse awesome shoes too!!

Today it is the perfect day to go to the nail salon, sit back and enjoy the treatment. Guys won't understand this, but the visits to the beauty salon, the nail salon or the hair dressers, are for women just relaxing and enjoyable.
For me anyways!
I hope for you too because I have some awesome nails for you! First of all the beautiful nails by Slink. They also work with the SLINK hands, but you don't need those hands to use the hud and nails too. I got these nails as a present from Sabryne, thank you so much girl, I really enjoy them! The nails with hud and 8 great natural nail colours is 150 L$.
And I needed those nails because Allusions is taking part in the Nevermore Trick or Treat hunt! It is #9 in the hunt and you can find hints & links HERE. You are looking for a pumpkin with a raven on it.
Allusions has no less than THREE gifts in this hunt, a scary skull facial tattoo, great nails that work with the SLINK ones, and 2 pairs of brown eyes. The nails come in 6 great textures, not showing you all of them. There are skulls on the nails or skulls with swords, and they come in variations of red and black and white.
Another store that has a lovely gift for group members (joining is free) is D!va. They have opened a new nail store and you get these great black lace nails for free! You get 3 pink versions and 3 beige versions, not showing you all of them.
I found some more great nails ladies, but first some more gifts from the Nevermore Trick or treat hunt! I blogged the Gumi's Bad Box mumbling hat before, but here it is again. If you can locate that pumpkin with a raven on it at their store it is yours. The hat mumbles and changes expressions and it is just fun to wear! You get the pumpkin coloured one in the hunt...and you can buy the other colour at the store for 80 L$.
There is also another great Halloween hat at Gumi's Bad Box, this great hat is their group gift and joining is free.
Then I went to Q & A Wedding supplies and found the pumpkin there! Inside is this great Halloween trick or treat chair with poses!
Another store participating in the Nevermore Trick or Treat hunt is KaTink. They have hidden a lovely couple pose inside their hunt Pumpkin...but as I am single...I could not take a picture of the pose, so the picture of the store will have to do! Go hunting ladies if you like this pose!
And Caramba (#21 in the NTTTH hunt) has these fun stepping stones as a gift in this hunt. It is just hard to take pictures of those stones here is the picture from Caramba ...
And now another one of Tameless Hair great new outfits. You can buy their outfits for just 149 L$ each and they come with the lovely boots. There are plenty to chose from, so go have a look there! This outfit is called Come Hither.
I promised you more nails...and I found quite a few on Marketplace!
These ones are by Fallen Angel Mood and they are 1 L$. Very colourful nails :). The rings are included and attached to the nails.
And these ones are by Lyla. They are called Pointy sculpted nails and they were a promo, but they are now 49 L$. They come with a texture changer though.
And these ones are also by Lyla. They are called Deluxe Mesh position changing nails. They are free for the time being and they can be changed in colour and texture. You have to change finger by finger, so it takes quite some time to change all 10 finger nails.
There is a rounded version and a longer version, with or without a texture.
The next nails are by MoiMoi and they are not HUD driven. They are cute though and free.
I found some more nails, these ones are by Shock. These nails are called Glitters Storm nails and they are yours for 1 L$.
Shock also has some awesome Halloween nails! They are also just 1 L$ and perfect to wear with your Halloween costumes!
My last find is also from Marketplace and it is just a cute MESH dress. this dress is by {CH} and it has that retro look that I love so much. The dress is called Corset dress and it is just 1 L$. After your visit to the Nail Salon it is great to wear this dress and go shopping ladies!!