Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Take a stroll along Marketplace

Hi readers,
I am still having major PC problems so forgive me if my blog is not up to the usual standard. one of my strolls along Marketplace and ONE Lucky chair.
Let me start with my first outfit. I was trying to find aomething you could wear in fall, so I got these Casa Mesh pants on Marketplace for free. And I got this cute Fall Owl Sweater also for free on Marketplace!
The cute sneakers ate by NS and they are 100 L$. I blogged them before HERE and you can see all options there (the shoes are HUD driven).
Then I got this cute Autumn sweater by P3 on Marketplace and this one is also free. The cute bag is by JPK and it is called Twinkie bag (free). The jeans are by Blackburns and they are free too. You get a blue and a black pair.
My next find are these white jeans by Resun Fashion Designs and they are called Rico dirty white jeans (free). They are actually for guys, but they fit me fine :) The sweater is a Christmas promo, but I simply loved the colours with the white jeans. The sweater is by Price Tag (free).
Over to another design by Resun Fashion Designs. This is for those who love a more tough look....a great leather outfit with hat and sunglasses included! I got it for free, but in the 2 days between getting it and blogging they changed the price to 310 L$...sorry...
In Fall we still have those lively warm days on which you don't want to wear a I got something to wear on those days too. This lovely silk top is by Jean Feuilles and it is free. The turquoise pants are by ::K:: and they are free. If you unpack them they will say DEMO but they are not a demo, they are just great to wear! The lovely shoes are by Patutla's house and they are free too.
Then I wanted to find some skins and shapes for Fall...just in case you want to change your looks. Panda Punx has some awesome ones, like this Kimmie skin & shape which is free.
Or you can grab this Riley skin & shape which is also bt Panda Punx and also free.
The last skin & shape by Panda Punx is this one and it is called Cassie.
To wear with these new skins I got you some hair too. I got all these hairs on Marketplace and they are by Gauze. All hairs are FREE and you get a bulk pack with so many colours I couldn't show them all here! You get the natural colours but also fun colours.
This first hair is called Reila.
This hair is called Aural.
And the last hair is called Yuji.
Then I went to B!asta and I was so Lucky to get this great outfit from their Lucky Board!!