Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Designer Circle, Round #64 and WoW skins at the Candy Fair.

Morning readers on this great Sunday morning!
Today no hopping around, just 2 places to visit. First of all WoW skins at the Candy Fair. They have this awesome Donna skin there, which is not free. Actually it is quite expensive! Each skin tone is 499 L$ and for that amount you get the skin in several options (dark brows, light brows or red brows), you get 2 different freckles layers (YAY to that) and you get a brow base. Each skin tone comes in six make-up versions.
The Donna skins come in milk, tan, sun kissed and dark tan skin tones and ALL appliers are included, really ALL....even the loud mouth one.
WoW skins also has some great packs with lip glosses at the Candy Fair. They are also NOT free, the packs with 4 lip glosses are 200 L$ and the single one is 50 L$.
Then I got the newest group gift by WoW skins, the DAMA skin and shape. This is such a beauty! Joining the group is 250 L$, but you get all previous skins (find the box next to the group gift) and you get the chance to click their (group) midnight Mania boards and (group) Lucky boards with all lovely skins and make-ups!! There is also a MALE group gift and a MALE Midnight Mania board.
Over to the Designer Circle. Their 64th round will last till October 19th, so if you see something you love don't wait to long to take a look!
This great dress comes with a HUD and the name is Laura. With the hud you can change the texture in several ways. The dress is by blahBLAHblah and you can find it at the Designer Circle for 99 L$. The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri and it is their Delia set (NOT free).
The next dresses are also on offer at the Designer Circle ladies. These cute dresses are by Loordes of London and they come in 5 great colours and they are 70 L$ each!
Another store participating in the Designer Circle is Mu-Shi Doll. They have these 2 cute polka dotted dresses on offer at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ each. The lovely jewellery is the Delia set by Lazuri (NOT free).