Monday, October 7, 2013

Designer Circle round #64 and some hunting to do

Good morning Readers!
Today some more goodies from the Designer Circle. A lot of great Second Life designers offer one or more of their designs there for a limited time and for a very low price. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$!
It is a great way to fill your inventory with awesome designs with a low budget.
So let me start with Pink Cherry. They have this very elegant Rosa dress in 3 colours on offer at the Designer Circle. These dresses are just 99 L$ each, which is a steal for such a well made and very detailed dress! Look at the lovely bow on the back...isn't that sexy?
I styled these dresses with the Delia set by Lazuri (NOT free).
The shape and skin I am wearing today are both by WoW skins and it is their Donna skin & shape in tan. This skin and shape are NOT free and they are an exclusive for the Candy Fair.
Then Pink Cherry also has great earrings on offer at the Designer Circle. These earrings are called Hooters and they come in 4 great colours. 75 L$ per pair ladies. There are little diamonds on the earrings, which gives them a very elegant look.
The next find at the Designer Circle are shoes. You all know I looooove shoes, and these ones are by Hollyhood and the black & white shoes will just go perfectly with the black Pink Cherry dress above! The shoes are 99 L$ and so are the great boots Hollyhood is also offering at the Designer Circle. Perfect for that more tougher look with jeans and a shirt. The shoes come with 2 nail colour huds, one for FUN nails and one for a more classic look.
My next find is this great outfit by Sassy. It is called Spring jacket and skirt, but it looks great in Fall too! You can find the skirt at the Designer Circle for 75 L$ and the jacket for 99 L$.
Another great dress at the Designer Circle is this soft lace dress by Wertina. The dress is on offer in grey and white and it is called Angel dress. The lace is very delicate, I hope you can see it right on my pictures! 65 L$ for this lovely dress ladies.
Over to the Autumn Effect Hunt. There is a HINT & LINK page available which is very helpful. This hunt runs till October 15th so don't wait too long to go hunting ladies! You are looking for a round box with the hunt logo on it.
I found this round box at D O L L  I E (#15 in this hunt) and inside was this lovely knit dress. I styled it as a sweater though because it's not that hot in Fall here....
And then I went to Cute Poison which is #2 in this hunt. I usually don't wear piercings, but these are kinda nice! They are colour change and you also get a belly piercing (not shown). That is: If you can locate the round hunt box :)
The next stop was Elephante Poses and they are #8 in this hunt. The hints on the page are very helpful if you get stuck...and believe me some of these boxes are very hard to find...but if you find the one at Elephante Poses, these great poses are yours.
Another store participating in this hunt is Forever Young. They are #19 in this hunt and if you can find the hunt item at their store you get a GREAT hoodie with a hud. Which changed the texture and colour of this hoodie into 4 different styles! The cute shorts I am wearing with this hoodie are by American Bazaar (#12 in this hunt) and it is their hunt gift in the Autumn Effect hunt!
My last find for today in this hunt is this lovely wrap top which is the hunt gift by HollyPocket. They are #20 in this hunt and inside their hunt item you will find that great blouse.
Over to another great find in the Autumn Effect hunt: this outfit is by Barely Legal and it is hidden inside the hunt box.
And this lovely pink dress is the hunt gift at American Bazaar. But it is the gift in the ABPO3 hunt. You have to find a cupcake in this hunt.