Thursday, October 10, 2013

Put on your new shoes to go hunting!

Hello there Readers!
Today we are going hunting again. But before we do I just want you to get some awesome new shoes. As I am a shoe addict, it is Always a pleasure to find great new shoes!
These first ones are by Baby Monkey and they are their newest group gift. I hope you took advantage of their free enrolment fee weekend and you joined then. If not: the enrolment fee is 250 L$ again...but you get some great group gifts and you have group Lucky chairs at the store too.

This is their newest group gift: cute booties with leaves on them and they are colour change with an easy to use hud. (not showing you all the options)
ChOoOz also has a new group gift (joining is free) and they also have previous group gifts there too. Look below what I got.
OK over to the hunting part. The Autumn Effect hunt runs till October 15th so you still have a little time left to go hunting. There is a HINT & LINK page which is very helpful if you get stuck or want to skip a store. You are looking for a round box with the hunt logo on it.
I landed at Cynfull and they are #16 in this hunt. If you can find that cute round box this lovely fall dress with or without a turtle neck is yours :)
Then I went to Glo Mart. This store is also participating in the TAE hunt but I didn't find that round box there I went for their group gifts, which are plenty! Joining their group is free and below you can see all the group gift sI picked up there!