Thursday, October 3, 2013

So much to blog and so little time to do it...

Hello Readers,
Don't you have those weeks that you sit down smiling because you THINK you have lots of time to make some awesome blogs for this week? Oh ...guess you don't, as you do not blog. Well I had that feeling this week, but RL can be so interfering sometimes.
I have a lot to blog, so I will quickly start because I have little time to get my blog ready.
Today I am going to start with the Designer Circle. As you all know nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and you get some great design there! This 64th round runs till October 19th.
I found this great Elle dress there, which comes in turquoise or pink, and the dresses are by Kanou. They are available at the Designer Circle for just 80 L$ per dress!
I styled these lovely dresses with cute black shoes by Essenz, which are also on offer at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ per pair. They come in 5 great colours.
And the lovely jewellery is by Lazuri and it is called Glam Diamonds (NOT free).
The next find at the Designer Circle are these lovely tops by [[Masoom]]. These tops come in 4 great colours and each colour is just 55 L$. I am wearing the elegant lavender leggings by Pure Perfection (60 L$) with these lovely tops and again the great shoes by Essenz (100 L$). All these lovely items are available at the Designer Circle.
I just love jewellery ladies, and at the Designer Circle you can find this great elegant set by Baubles. Lovely earrings and a necklace in royal blue. Perfect to wear with your gowns or with a winter sweater and jeans!
Then I got something completely different at the Designer Circle. Perfect for those cold nights sitting inside by the fire...lovely sexy lingerie. This lingerie comes in 5 great colours and each set is 99 L$. They are by Blink2Wink.
Come to think of it: you can also wear them as a bikini!
The jewellery is the Saffi set by Lazuri (NOT free, but for group members is the whole set of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings just 229 L$. The group is free to join and the Saffi set in turquoise (single colour) is their newest group gift and free ).
Over to something different. My friend Nani from NS has created something really awesome again. She has these great mesh Sneakers Variety for just 100 L$ at her store. I am showing you just a few options, there are many more at NS.
You can also get these cute glasses with different reflections at NS. They are colour and texture change and they are also 100 L$
Last one by NS is a fun one, glasses with a moustache :)
Then I found some more shoes at Delight Designs. They have several mini mania boards and a Midnight Mania board and I got these panther booties there and also the cute colour change warm winter boots!
The last find today are the group gifts at Eaters Coma. They have some awesome (fat pack) hairs as a gift and a lovely black top and striped skirt (mesh). Joining the group is free.