Tuesday, October 8, 2013

House of Storm

Hi there readers,
Another great place to shop is House of Storms. It is a market place with stalls by different designers and they offer great outfits and other stuff there for a very low price!
Let me start with Ashmoot. Kristabel Ashmoot is one of the organizers of the House of Storm and she has this lovely dress with belt (50 L$), a beautiful ruffled vest (70 L$), sunglasses (65 L$) and a sweet clutch (50 L$) on offer at the House of Storm. She even has created perfect matching shoes (90 L$) with this outfit. You can buy all in one buy (250 L$) or you can buy what you like separately.
And Portrait animations has great poses on offer at House of Storm! You can get the She Boxing animations with gloves for 50 L$ or the actually MALE poses called Nathan also for 50 L$. They also have a bike pose for 50 L$ (not shown).
Another store participating in House of Storm is WTB. They have a lot of offers at the House of Storm and I will show you all below. The first outfit is called Azzurra and it is 50 L$. Bangles and earrings are included.
The next outfit is called Shiny Pearl and it is 60 L$. Pearls are included.
This outfit is called Rev Stripes GlitBlack and it is 90 L$. All at House of Storm by WTB. Jewellery is NOT included.
Another outfit by WTB is this one and it is called Rev Raistone Longdress and it is 90 L$.
The next outfit is very sexy and called RandyVoile and it is 125 L$, including the jewellery.
WTB has even more outfits at House of Storm! This one is called Brigitta and it is yours for 50 L$. Jewellery is the Eda set by Lazuri.
WBT also has some awesome earrings on offer at House of Storm. They are 50 L$ per pair.
Over to CNZ. I blogged their Poop dress and Poop shirt before, but they also have some awesome mesh eyes on offer at House of storm. The eyes come with a hud so you can change the colour easily. 99 L$ for the eyes ladies. (not showing you all options, just a few examples.)
Another store participating in House of Storm is AnaSTyle. This Alyssa set is on offer for 210 L$ which I think is actually quite expensive for this market. I had the impression that all offers would be under 100 L$. Shoes and jewellery are included.
This next outfit is by Joy Style and it is 80 L$ at House of Storm. The outfit is called Contradictions and I just love the back side print :). The booties are not included, but the jewellery is included.