Friday, October 18, 2013

oooohhh WOW skins!

Readers I can't help it, I got the newest skin by WoW skins and I just went Wooowwwww...The newest skin is the beautiful Zaytuna skin, a perfect ethnic skin. It comes in 3 skin tones, dark medium and pale. But the texture of the skin is amazing! Well take a look for yourself!
These skins are available on the Second Life Travel Fair and they are NOT free, but they are too beautiful to miss!

The lovely jewellery is the Kaya 1 set by Lazuri, which I blogged on the 15th HERE.
Then I stood at the lucky boards for a bit at WoW skins and I was so lucky to get the skins & shapes below and even a complete avatar (including the outfit, NOT the hair and shoes). The lucky boards are group lucky boards and the enrolment fee is 250 L$ get a new skin gift each month (also for guys) and you can pick up a box with the previous skins too! And of course you can click the Midnight Mania boards and the lucky boards. The gifts on the lucky boards change often, so by the time you are there, there might be other gifts.
Over to some new hair. With a new skin I always love to get a new I looked on Marketplace and found this great hair by Anara hair. This hair is called Talia and you get 6 shades of Violet hair for free. The hair is modify though so I changed the lightest colour in EDIT to red...(the hair is free).
Then Dura hair has 2 new group gifts. One is for Halloween (the pig tails one) and the other is their 3rd Anniversary gift. Joining the group is free. And you get a fat pack of both hairstyles (no red included, I changed both hairs in edit).
Over to B!asta. They have this lovely Be my Baby set on offer for just 50 L$ ladies. You get a HUD with it to change the colour! Go get can wear it as a dress or in winter as a sweater...perfect!
B!asta also has a great new release for the Pure Sales room: Glamorise Peep toe shoes and matching handbag. I am wearing this set with another new release at the Pure Sales room: the Slytherized Pencil dress (dark blue). This lovely dress is 70 L$, the shoes and bag are 75 L$.
Perfect for an afternoon shopping in Paris :)