Monday, October 28, 2013

A hunt at Purple Moon and Designer Circle round #65

Morning Readers,
Poulet from Purple Moon has been away for a while to have a lovely RL baby. Congratulations Poulet! But she is back now and she has put together a GREAT hunt for group members! There are 16 black skulls hidden all over the Purple Moon Sim and in each one you can find a lovely gift! Ranging from jewellery to a dress, or even great boots. Look below what I found there!
First I found their newest group gift, a great Halloween gown in black! And a lovely jewellery set too!

And these gifts are from the hunt:
#1: skirt, #10 top, #9 jewellery.
#3: nails
#6: scarf
#7: legging, #12: top, #8: glasses, #14: handbag
#11: tube dress, #1: jewellery
#13: jewellery
#15: pullover, #16: boots, Blackburn jeans from Marketplace (free).
The 65th round of the Designer Circle runs till November 2nd ladies, and there are some awesome offers to find there! Let me show you some more of what I found there!
This very sexy dress is by Kennedy's and it is called Ohlala dress. I wonder why? Perfect for a night clubbing ladies! You can find it at the Designer Circle for 100 L$.
The lovely jewellery is the Kaya set by Lazuri. This set is colour change, you can change the metal, the beads, the pearls, the stones and the wood, which gives you hundreds of possibilities to wear this set. And it is 50% discounted too! You can buy the whole set or each part separate.
And these great tops are by Eyelure. Both are available at the Designer Circle for 88 L$ each.
My last but for sure not my least find are these elegant Kashmir dresses by Loordes of London. There are 5 great colours to chose from and they are 70 L$ each at the Designer Circle! There are 2 tops included, so you can wear the dress very sexy (without a top), a bit more modest with the short top or completely modest with the long top!