Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday readers!
Today again the usual mix, some freebies and some cheapies (under 100 L$) but all great outfits and shoes to wear!
Let me start with Sascha's Designs. As you all know by now they have a weekly half price gown offer each week, where one of their best selling gowns is offered for half the regular price. This week it is the elegant StarStruck gown in blue. This gown also has a cocktail version and a lovely pierrot collar is include too. Just 250 L$ this week only!
And Sascha's Designs also has 3 new 60 L$ offers each week. This week you can get the lovely Trijntje gown for just 60 L$, or the fun Hero Pants, or a set of 2 great tops in baby peach and baby pink, called Allyson tops.
Then there is a small Halloween hunt going on at Sascha's Designs. On the ground floor one pumpkin is hidden and inside this pumpkin you will find this cute Bite Me dress! The hint is: You'll find me behind the Witches best friend...Good luck ladies!
Over to the Designer Circle. Their 65th round runs till November 2nd so don't wait too long to get the lovely offers they have there! Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and you get some really awesome designs for that price!
Just take a look at the elegant skirt and hat Baboom has on offer at the Designer Circle! The hat and the skirt are each 100 L$. The black top is by Jane and it is a freebie (fat pack) at their store. Look for Intrinsic Tanks.
The jewellery is the Kaya set by Lazuri which is 50% discounted for the time being!
I am wearing great shoes with the skirt above. These shoes are by Hollyhood and they are also on offer at the Designer Circle. The shoes are called Carrie B and you can get 2 versions of these shoes. They are 99 L$ per pair at the Designer Circle.
Another participant in the Designer Circle is Kanou. They have 2 great sets of clothing on offer at the Designer Circle. These lovely outfits are called Kate and they are 80 L$ per outfit.
The jewellery is again the Kaya set by Lazuri. This set is very versatile, you get so many pieces that it feels like you got a whole jewellery box! All colours can be changed, metal, stones, beads, pearls and wood.
Nani from NS has a great Halloween outfit at her store. This outfit is 50 L$. But if you are still looking for something really scary THIS is it!!
Another offer at NS is this mesh skirt (70 L$). It has that Boho feel to it and it is great to wear with the elegant fringed tops B!asta has on offer for just 50 L$. These tops come in MANY colours, I am just showing you a few options.
NS also has a very cute dollarbie (1 L$) at the store if you want these cute Kaway shoes...hop over and grab them :)