Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why not go on a make over hunt?

Today just things I picked up in the Make Her Over Hunt. It runs till end of October and you have to find the international female sign.
I found it at Fierce Design, and they really give you a hughe make over :)
Fierce Design is also participating in the D&L hunt and if you find the hunt item (sort of a green cube) from that hunt you will get this great green dress.
The next shop I went to was Dressed by Lexi. WOW what a lovely outfit is hidden in their international female sign. Comes with the cute cowboy hat.
Another hat, or better a cap is the gift in the MHOH at Roly Poly. The cap is color change with a hud. I am just showing you 3 colors but there are many more.
I found quite a lot of lovely dresses in this hunt and one of them is by Bastia.
This dress is by Biohazzard and it is called Bird of Paradise. The shoes come with the dress :)
And this dress is by DragonLadies Closet. Find the international female sign and it is yours.
Another very cute dress is by VELS Boutique. The cute slippers are included and the necklace is too. Vels Boutique has 2 more great gifts inside their international female sign.

Wild design has this GREAT dress as a gift in the MHOH.
This cute red dress is the gift at MC Factory.
And this lovely chinsese style dress is by Zaro .
Besides dresses there are a lot of lovely other outfits in this hunt too. Like this one by Wild Style.
Wilds Style has a gift in the MHOH too, it is actually the same gift as on their Midnight mania board.
The next sexy outfit is by Bound & Bitten. You have to find the international female sign to get this outfit ladies.
And these white silks are by Mind Games, also a gift in the MHOH.
TINK has this naughty shorty hidden inside their hunt item from the MHOH.
This next outfit is by Crickets and you get it if you find the international female sign at their store. Jewelry comes with the outfit.
Then I found a few nice tops in the MHOH. The top one is by G-series and the bottom one by Korrupted.
 Last one for today is by Air Thorn and it's a pair of glasses I think?