Friday, October 28, 2011

SHOES only

Today I am going to post ONLY shoes and even more unusual: there will be only ONE free item on this post. I am a shoe freak in RL and in SL and I found so many GREAT shoes in SL, but NOT free, that I couldn't resist just to make a blog with shoes only.
Let me start with the most expensive ones, the ones by Purrfect10. I love their shoes. They are amazingly well made and the skin color is so easy to adjust that it is a relief. They have a VIP group and if you join this group (not free) you will get a discount of 25%. There is also a free group to join to keep up with special offers.

The shoes are called Isis leather heels, The shoes are resizable, the colors of the straps can be changed (each pair of colored shoes can be changed completely or partially to black, the black shoes can be changed to silver), gold and silver buckles and there is a choice of plenty nail colors! Not free...expensive...but worth every linden! Purrfect 10 ladies. Compliments to Ten Dexler, the designer.

BaybMonkey has some GREAT new releases this month. They vary from sexy shiny high heeled sandals to great boots. And BabyMonkey shoes are very affordable. Besides that there is always the BabyMonkey OUTLET to visit for those who don't want to spend much.
My compliments to Pixieplumb Flanagan, the designer and a wonderfull lady, because the shoes and boots are great and she is a lovely generous woman. All the new shoes and boots are color changable with an easy to use hud and there are many many color/metal/skin/nail/toe ring options!
These first boots are called Brenna boots (just showing you a few options)
The next boots are called Surrey boots (I love the fringes)
And these boots are called Fransara.
Another pair of great boots with the name Olivia. Love the leaf print, perfect for fall :)
And Pixieplumb also designed booties, like these ones, called Petra.
Or these ones called Kerris.
More booties with the name Chukka and these ones have a socks or no socks option. And you have the choice from different kind of socks too! There are many color options, just showing you a few.
These are the newest BabyMonkey heels, called Manna.
These shoes are soo sexy, I love the glitter textures. Perfect to wear with a grande gown. The name is Vanessa.

And these shoes are called Ava. Elegant sandals for every occasion. Also color change and with many color/nail options.
And these elegant blue shoes are the newest group gift by BabyMonkey and yes they are free. There are also 2 lucky chairs at the store and many lucky boards.
Then there is this HOC Industries store which I love. They also have very affordable shoes, no pair is over 175 L$. The designer is Guu Nishi and the shoes are simply GREAT.
They are also color change with a hud and the shoes are so well made.
These first ones are for guys and gals and they are called Bolt sneakers. Every part is color changable !
The next ones are called EMO flats and they are texture and color change.
The HAPPY flats are also texture and color change.
The next shoes are called Platform Pumps. The upper leather and the soles are separately color change so you can mix and match colors to make the shoes fit all your outfits.
The next sexy high heels are called Noir Stilletos.
And these ones are called Noir Pumps. If you join the HOC group you get even more texture and color options on your hud if you wear the group tag. Joining is free.

Last one for today is the pair of boots I got from the Midnight Mania board at Bootgasm. Bootgasm has 4 lucky chairs with great boots, and one MM board. The price on this board changes often so you might not get the same boots, but all boots on their MM board are great!