Friday, October 7, 2011

Cupcakes and pumpkins

Cupcakes is having a great hunt,the PUMPKIN hunt. No need to ask what you have to look for: a PUMPKIN ofcourse. Did I say ONE pumpkin? No, in the Cupcakes store allone are 13 pumpkins to find and you can find many more all over the SIM in different stores.
Let me start with what I found at Cupcakes. These lovely skins are hidden in one of the pumpkins :)
The skins are called Charm and they come in different skin tones and with loads and loads of make up layers. You just have to find the right pumpkins :)

Then I found a few pumpkins with eyes inside. They go perfect with the lovely skins :) I love the ones with bars :)

Cupcakes also has some lingerie hidden inside the pumpkins.

And these dresses are also gifts inside the pumpkins, you just have to find them.

This lovely fall dress is also a gift by Cupcakes in this hunt.
And this dress is from the lucky chairs at Cupcakes :) (No need to find a pumpkin to get it, just a chair with your letter on it)
I actually found all 13 gifts in the Cupcakes store. These are the last ones.

Then I went outside and walked into the stores at the mall. The first one I went into was Arte Lex. They just had their 4th Rezday and they have this 1 L$ gift at their store.
The next shop was ME Fashion Kitty and they had this lovely gift at their store.
I walked into another store and this is what I found there inside the pumkin. The shop is called Intrigue.
The last shop for today was Body Doubles and they hid a shape inside the pumpkin at their store. The rest of the gifts will follow tomorrow :)