Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It is really Fall here

Today it was a dark day, rain, hail, cold. Not a day to put in a frame. But a perfect day to be in SL and sort out the things I want to put on my blog.
The hair I am wearing the last days is by Waka & Yuki. They have 2 lucky boards and I was so lucky to get one of the free hairs on the lucky boards.
This very light hair is also from a Lucky Board and this one is from SYDS.
Chickickie has a lovely new subscribo gift and the fatpack is this week just 95 L$. The hair is called Wendy.
Then I got this GREAT skin from Modavia Fashion Directory. They are gving this skin away to all their readers!
And this skin is a gift in the TTB hunt at Art Body Store ! Shape is also included.
The next skin is a new release (SO NOT FREE) by Censored. However Censored had a very cute new subscribo gift, a cupcake dress.

Then I hopped over to Jane. Jane was myfav store when it still was called Mischief :) She has a lovely gift at the store. This great pants & vest set is the gift you get if you join the Jane group.

And these tops and leggings come in about 1000 colors ..oh well you get a LOT of colors, maybe not 1000...but a LOT. They are a group gift at the store. Amazing! Thank you Jane :)

And House of Beningburough is giving away an AMAZING is so great that I couln't catch how great it is on a pic...I tried though...

House of Beningburough also has a lovely shiny short jacket as a freebie. It is perfect to wear with all your gowns but it also goes great on jeans.
The next gown is a gift in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt (find a bag with popcorn and a zombie inside) at Ilaya. Lovely elegant gown :)
And this special dress is also a gift in the Zombie Popcorn hunt. This time by Faster Pussycat. WOW I love this dress, perfect for Halloween.
Another great dress is given away by Sakide and if you find the bag of popcorn at their store it is yours.
These leggings are hidden by Rezipsa Loc and the cute short vests by Elly clothing. Both are gifts in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt so you have to find the bag with popccorn.
The next pants are by Gawk. They have different cuffs so I made an extra pic with all the cuff options. The cute hoody is by HolliPocket and the great belt by Sweet Leonard. All gifts in the Zombie Popcorn hunt.

The last one for today is also yours if you find the bag with popcorn (and a zombie) at Muka. So it is popcorn hunting today ladies!