Monday, October 24, 2011


As it is almost Halloween I am going to show you some scary stuff I picked up in the Zombie Popcorn hunt. I found some really scary skins in this hunt, like this one by AQ. You have to find the bag with popcorn in their store to get this skin.
This next skin is by Damned and also a gift in the Zombie Popcorn hunt.
This skin is BeautyKiller...and they sure killed the beauty :) The skins are all pretty scary today...find the bag of popcorn at their store and you will be able to wear this skin at Halloween :)
Then I went to JeSyLiLo and even though I love their regular skins, this one scred the hell out of me :) Again a gift in the Zombie Popcorn hunt.
Weird design and Skintimate are also both participating in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt and if you find the bag with popcorn you can wear either the Weird Design skin on the left or the Skintimate skin on the right.

Filthy also has a skin hidden inside their bag of popcorn. You just have to find it to get this skin :)
My next stop was ODB (Old Dirty Bastard) as they also are participating in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt. The hunt runs till October 30th so you still have a few days to find the bags of popcorn at the participating stores :)
Then there are a lot of designers who are giving away make-up or tattoos in the Zombie Popcorn hunt. They will make your own skin look very scary, like the tattoos by Pin me Down.
Or the ones by Delusions. Pretty scary huh? Find the bag with popcorn look like this :)
And the tattoo by Love Zombie gives you vampire bitemarks in your neck or all over your body. Again a gift in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt.
This next scary tattoos are by Repulse. But if you want to wear clothes they are pretty invisible. Or am I thinking too practical now?
A more innocent tatto is given away in the bag of popcorn by Fallen Doll. They are on your lower back and they come in a light, meduim and dark version. Everything is uncertain.
And Para Design is giving you great music tattoos hidden in the popcorn in light medium and dark versions, black and white and color.

NOX also is participating in the Zombie Popcorn hunt and if you find the bag at their store you get this sexy bat tatto and the earplugs in small medium and large.
If you find the bag with popcorn at Reckless this excellent arm tattoo is yours :)
Needfull things has a sweet but scary small tattoo to wear in your neck as a gift in the ZPH.
These scare eye tattoos are by Zeery. As a finishing touch you need some scary eyes too, I will show you some below, all gifts in the Zombie Popcorn hunt.
Razorblade Jacket also has pretty scary eye tattoos hidden inside the popcorn.
But if you are really looking for EYES you have to find the popcorn at Insufferable Dastard. There you get pretty scary eyes :)
N Creations also gives away eyes in the Zombie Popcorn hunt. If you like these eyes hop over and look for the popcorn :)
Now if you want to look REALLY scray, there are a few shops who give you a full make over, like RatzKatz.
Or find the popcorn at Death Row Design to look as a zombie Nazi. This avatar make over comes as a female and a male version. The female one comes with 2 different skins.

Insanya gives away a lovely dress in the ZPH. But what is that thing sticking out of my chest and back?? Could that be a knife??
Last one for today is Indigo Oddities. Oh again there is a lovey dress hidden inside the popcorn. At first glace...but then you see the knife in my hand...and the eyes...
Indigo Oddities has another gift hidden inside the same popcorn bag. A great outfit with a shirt and pants...and with a gun...and with scary scars. Am I coming after YOU???